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Ready-made templates

That you can adjust to your business context. We gathered a selection of the highest-converting follow‑up email templates that you can base on while creating your follow‑up sequence to inbound leads and customers.

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Copywriter’s tips

Each template is followed by a copywriter’s commentary that highlights the most important elements of the template with additional advice on how  adjust it to your own business context.

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How to nurture MQL leads down the sales funnel

How to create an onboarding process to keep customers engaged

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Meg Kawalkowska

Meg writes long-form articles for Woodpecker blog in which she advises people on how to target prospects, nurture leads, and retain customers with email campaigns. She authored research on follow‑up emails just to see which approach is the most effective. Now, she gathered it all together and shares her findings in this ebook.

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