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    Lorenzo Bolognini

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    Oleksandra Vlasiuk

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    Martin Lamberti

Woodpecker Experts can help you with

Email copywriting

Our Experts wrote thousands of cold emails. They've seen what works. Let them help you so you start seeing replies in your inbox, too.

List building

Don't have the time to find your prospects' contact data? Order a high-quality list of prospects that match your ICP.

Technical setup

Configuring your email for sending at scale might be confusing at first. Set up a session with an Expert and have it done in no time.

Outreach strategy

Need someone to help you create an outreach plan that you can implement on your own? Get expert advice and hit the ground running.

Done-for-you lead generation

Don't want to handle lead generation in-house? Leave it up to our Experts to bring in a steady stream of leads for you each month.

Using Woodpecker

Stuck on what to do once you've logged in? Our Experts will show you how to use their advice in Woodpecker so you get the most bang for your buck right away.

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Need a one-off session to get answers to your questions or to help you kick off your lead gen process? Our consultants are there to help you.




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Would you rather a pro took the lead gen process off your hands? Our agencies consistently bring satisfying results for their clients.

Why Woodpecker Experts?

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Curated base of experts

We made sure each Expert is a good fit for our customers. We're building a community of the best lead generation experts out there.

Wide scope of services

They'll help you with any part of the lead gen process. Whatever you need - they can lend a helping hand.

Consultants & agencies

You can choose to work with a consultant or an agency. With a choice like that, you're bound to find an expert that will help you.

How it works

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Meet our Experts

Meet Ljubcho Gjorgjioski

campaign audit campaign reporting

I can help you with each part of your cold outreach strategy: technical setup, email and deliverability, list building, messaging, automation, campaign management, and reporting.

Look closer at Veth Group

automation setup campaign management

Veth Group's specialty is growing B2B net new sales. We are firm believers that it's "all about execution" - and we bring an energetic, empirical, and focused approach to every client engagement.

Get to know them better

Learn more about our Experts: their business experience, struggles and what keeps them going despite them. Watch the videos & get to know our Experts better.

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Meet Patrick Baynes

We sat down with Patrick Baynes, CEO & co-founder of Nerdwise, to chat about his experience of switching from the passenger seat to the driver's seat.

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Meet Miles Veth

Ever wondered what goes into building a lead gen agency? Miles, CEO & founder of Veth Group, explains why agencies are like skiing, shares the #1 advice for people who'd like to start on their own, and much more.