How to use a team approach to get even dead leads to reply and book meeting

Not getting the responses you expected from cold outreach campaigns? Join our upcoming webinar and get tips from industry pros that will turn your campaigns around on day one!

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  • What is the biggest problem when selling into orgs?
  • The Challenger Sale - book recommendation from Adam Figueira

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Adam and Justin show you how to proceed as a team to get leads who have not contacted you in a while to click the reply button and book a meeting.


As Head of Marketing at Sales Impact Academy, Adam has seen up close why and how 1,000’s of sales people succeed (and fail).

Justin Zimmerman Email response expert

Justin has perfected the “art of conversational lead generation” and often achieves a 50% response rate on his campaigns.

His conversational lead generation approach leverages the precision of audience targeting on LinkedIn with the one-to-one email sales automation provided by Woodpecker.