Unlocking business growth: mastering scalability & precision outreach

During this free workshop, you’ll learn the secrets of successfully scaling your business and directing your outreach to the right people from your ideal target audience.

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Webinar timestamps

  • Introduction
  • Go to market strategy
  • Defining your target markets
  • Messaging based on audience
  • Implementation for sales teams

Patrick Baynes CEO at PeopleLinx

Patrick Baynes is an award winning entrepreneur and marketing executive. His career started at LinkedIn in 2007, which led to the founding of the original PeopleLinx in 2009 (acquired by Frontline). In 2015 Patrick became the CEO of Nerdwise. In 2023, he rebranded Nerdwise and resurrected the PeopleLinx brand. Today Patrick leads vision, execution, and customer relationships for PeopleLinx.

Justin Zimmerman Email response expert

Justin has perfected the “art of conversational lead generation” and often achieves a 20% response rate on his campaigns.

His conversational lead generation approach leverages the precision of audience targeting on LinkedIn with the one-to-one email sales automation provided by Woodpecker.