Cold email masterclass

Live feedback on your cold emails and LinkedIn DMs

Let Darren, Yurii and Nick review your message and share their best practices with you

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Have your message reviewed live

  • Write an email or LinkedIn DM that you would like to have reviewed
  • Send it to [email protected] by May 19, with the subject line ‘REWRITE MY EMAIL’ or ‘REWRITE MY LI DM’
  • Register for the webinar
  • Join Nick, Yurii and Darren for a live webinar on reviewing and rewriting emails on May 21st

Nick Cegelski Sales cadence expert

Nick’s success as a cold outbound expert has earned him a following of over 58,000 sale people on LinkedIn

Also his podcast 30MPC, was listened to and downloaded by over 950,000 SDRs, sales leaders, and founder led start-ups last year


Yurii is an experienced BDR who shares his knowledge with over 40,000 followers on LinkedIn almost every day.

His conversational lead generation approach leverages the precision of audience targeting on LinkedIn with the one-to-one email sales automation provided by Woodpecker


VP of Sales for an organization called Skye, teaching others how to build a brand and master social selling.

Darren is an experienced sales and strategy expert who shares his knowledge daily with 110,000 followers on his LinkedIn profile.


Yes, when you register you be on the list to get the recordings immediately after they are available.

Woodpecker is email tool designed for automated 1-to-1 outbound prospecting and lead generation, not mass marketing like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

30MPC stands for "30 Minutes To President's Club" which is a sales training organization and media service that reaches & teaches over 950,000 sales people a year.