Woodpecker: A better alternative to Saleshandy

Saleshandy is a plugin for Outlook and Gmail, but Woodpecker is a stand-alone platform that was built specifically to work with cold emails.

 Woodpecker’s comprehensive automation features allow you to build complex email campaigns with A/B testing that helps you figure out which campaign strategy will give you the best  results.


Deliver emails to inboxes, not spam folders

With Woodpecker, you get high deliverability from day 1 and reduce the risk of your emails getting caught in spam filters. Through a built-in email validation system that drastically reduces bounce rates, optimizing your efforts is easier than ever before.

Warm-up & Recovery

Email warm-up is different from domain warm-up. Woodpecker can handle both processes for you, as well as help you to recover your sender reputation.

*Unfortunately, from February 2023, Google no longer supports automated warm-up for Gmail accounts. However, you can still achieve the same results manually by following these simple steps.

Deliverability Monitor

Track your deliverability with Woodpecker and spot any issues before they early so you can take steps to correct them. No other cold email tool on the market allows you to do this.

With Salehandy, you learn about problems after they become, well, problems.

Bounce Shield

With Woodpecker your deliverability is protected 24/7. Bounce Shield adjusts your sending frequency so you can be sure you won’t get blocked by your email provider for exceeding the sending limits.

Want to see Woodpecker’s handy features up close?

Sequence optimization

Woodpecker makes it easy to understand your prospect’s behaviour and adjust your follow-ups to generate the best results. For that, you can use specific triggers, like opening an email, replying to it or clicking on a link. 

With A/B testing, Woodpecker automatically generates reports that tell you how well those strategies work for each individual prospect or campaign.


Woodpecker’s ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ paths allow you to send diverse follow-ups depending on your prospect’s behaviour. Based on whether they opened your email, replied to it or clicked on a specific link, they will get a specific, personalized message sequence.

A/B tests

The built-in A/B testing feature allows you to test up to 5 different versions of your messages (both openers and follow-ups). You can experiment with your emails until you reach the best-performing copy and subject line.


Woodpecker works as a central marketing data hub. You may integrate it with your CRM, prospecting tools and other sales and marketing software to bring all the data into one place. Analyze it holistically and never miss an insight.

Pricing & trial

Test all the Woodpecker’s features including Warm-up & Recovery during a 7-day free trial.

With our flexible pricing, you pay only for prospects stored and contacted within your account. Start from just $25 a month (based on annual rate) and add extra modules on demand as your business grows.

Saleshandy offers standard pricing with plans starting from $9 with no extra add-ons.

See Woodpecker Pricing

The tool is great! I was using a competitor and got really frustrated with it. Then found Woodpecker

Brittany Joiner Causely.com

The open rate is significantly higher than it was when I was using other mailing system

Marek Tyniec Marketing Specialist at Xfive

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Woodpecker and Saleshandy features compared

Woodpecker Saleshandy
Automated emails
A/B tests
Follow-ups in one thread
Built-in email validation
Timezone detection
Warm-up & Recovery (not available for Google accounts) FREE
Bounce Shield
Deliverability Monitor
CRM integrations
Mailbox integrations
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Exchange
Other integrations
Google Sheets
Teamwork & security
GDPR compliance
Duplicate detection
Empty custom fields detection
Team collaboration
Shared contacts & campaigns
Plugins & API aggregators
Free trial
  • 7 days
  • All features including Warm-up & Recovery
  • 14 days
  • All features
  • From $25/month
  • Extra add-ons available

See Pricing

  • Billed Monthly: $12, $27, and $59
  • Billed Annually: $9, $22, and $49
  • No extra add-on

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Make your lead generation more effective with Woodpecker

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No more human errors. Woodpecker spots common mistakes such as duplicate contacts, false email addresses, duplicate messages, and missing personalization fields. It also blacklists selected domains to make sure you never contact them.


Woodpecker tracks your open rates, click-through rates, reply rates and bounce rates. A/B testing and sentiment evaluation make your analytics truly holistic.

Bounce detection

Woodpecker supports lead generation agencies. It shows your team members all their campaigns in a single dashboard where they can switch them on and off at any time. Going to a specific client dashboard is intuitive and takes just one click.