Integrate Woodpecker
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ZOHO CRM is an online customer relationship management software for managing your sales, marketing & support. By integrating Woodpecker and ZOHO, you get a united system for lead generation.




via PieSync

via Zapier

How does it work?

The integration with ZOHO is available for Woodpecker users at the Team Pro plan.

There are two API integrators you can use to integrate Woodpecker with ZOHO CRM. You can sync Woodpecker with ZOHO CRM via Zapier, or create a two-way sync of contact bases in those two apps using PieSync.

Integration via PieSync

By setting up a sync between Woodpecker and ZOHO CRM in PieSync, you no longer need to double-check that you have the same data in both apps. PieSync will automatically bring the data up to date for you.

As a result, with PieSync, when you change the information about your contact in ZOHO CRM, the same contact info is automatically altered in Woodpecker, and the other way round. You don’t have to click anywhere to complete the update.

In the same way, you don’t have to log into the other app to do it manually.

Integration via Zapier

You can use Zapier to synchronize Woodpecker with ZOHO CRM.

Choose an event, called ‘trigger’, from the list available in Zapier, and then, an available ‘action’ that this trigger should spark in the other tool.

For instance, you can trigger creating a new campaign in Woodpecker for a lead that was just added in ZOHO CRM.

By making Zoho CRM your trigger app, you can pick one of the following triggers:

  • A new module added
  • A new contact added
  • A new user added
  • A new lead added
  • A new entry added

And set an action in Woodpecker for every one of those actions:

  • Add a new prospect or updates existing prospect’s data in a chosen campaign
  • Stop follow-ups planned for this prospect
  • Add a new prospect or update an existing prospect in the list of prospects

Analogously, if you set Woodpecker as your trigger app, you have this list of triggers to choose from:

  • Prospect interested
  • Prospect maybe later
  • Email opened
  • Prospect autoreplied
  • Prospect invalid
  • Prospect replied
  • Prospect bounced
  • Follow-up after autoreply
  • Link clicked
  • Prospect not interested

What you need to do is to set an action that one of the above triggers sets off in ZOHO CRM:

  • Add a new contact
  • Add a new lead or update an existing one
  • Add a new lead
  • Create/Update module entry
  • Add a new contact or update an existing one

How to set it up?

Integration via PieSync

To connect Woodpecker and ZOHO CRM via PieSync, you need an account in the two apps as well as in PieSync. Then, you set up the connection and authorize PieSync to use it by pasting API keys from the two apps. For a more detailed instruction on how to set it up, go to Help & tutorials section below.

Integration via Zapier

If you look for a trigger-action based integration, you should go for Zapier. First things first, log into Zapier. Then, you can use the zap template we prepared for you, or go for custom integration.

Select a trigger application and a specific trigger you want to set in motion an action in the other tool. It can be ‘a new user added’ at Zoho CRM.

Then, you need to specify the action that would be taken in the other app when the trigger happened. For example, every time a new user is added at Zoho CRM, this user is added to a specific Woodpecker campaign.

Therefore, you choose Woodpecker as your action app and ‘create/update prospect’ as the action for the trigger ‘a new user added’.

That’s all. For a link to step-by-step tutorial, visit Help & tutorials section below.



Synchronize your contact base between Woodpecker and ZOHO