Integrate Woodpecker
with InvoiceBerry


InvoiceBerry is an online invoicing software that allows you to send invoices and quotes or track payments and expenses. By integrating Woodpecker with InvoiceBerry, you can update the prospects’ data or stop follow-ups without manually changing information in Woodpecker.




via Zapier

How does it work?

Integrate InvoiceBerry with Woodpecker via Zapier, an API aggregator. There are dozens of ways in which this sync may be useful to you. Zapier makes it possible for you to automatically create a new client or add an expense in InvoiceBerry based on the trigger-action in Woodpecker. What trigger-action? So, let’s say that your prospect responded or you manually marked a prospect as ‘Interested’ or ‘Maybe Later’. Then, you can either create a new client or add an expense in InvoiceBerry without copying and pasting prospect information from one app into the other.

What if you want to connect the apps the other way round, and trigger an event in Woodpecker after something happens in InvoiceBerry? It’s possible.

Here are some of the possible Zaps for you to configure:

  • create or update prospect in Woodpecker every time a new InvoiceBerry client is created;
  • create or update prospect in Woodpecker if there’s a newly created invoice in InvoiceBerry;
  • stop sending follow-ups to a prospect as soon as a new expense is added in InvoiceBerry.

How to set it up?

The integration is very easy to set up. You just need an account at Woodpecker (TeamPro plan), InvoiceBerry, and Zapier. Then, take an API from Woodpecker and InvoiceBerry and paste it to Zapier. Choose a trigger and an action app and set up your Zap – as simple as that.

Get the two apps on the same page