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Prepare your contact base and then simply create a template message with predefined pieces like first name, company name, website, and more

Easy integration

Integrate it with all your trusted software and email providers and get started.

Account onboarding

Whether you’re switching from another tool or starting from scratch, our support and tutorials will have you sending out emails in no time.

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Warm-up & recovery

Woodpecker helps you warm up your domain and protects your emails from landing in unimportant tabs or spam.

Email list verification

Woodpecker checks for invalid email addresses right before you send your campaign to minimize unwelcome addresses sneaking through and messing up your results.

AI-powered interest level

Woodpecker streamlines your work by scanning conversations in English with contacts and showing you who is interested in your offer.

Deliverability Monitor

This catches email delivery issues before they happen and reacts accordingly in your own interest.

Bounce Shield

This makes sure the daily sending limits of your email provider aren’t exceeded so you don’t get blocked.

I like that all replies get directly to my inbox. Plus, the ability to see the replies in Woodpecker as well makes work much easier if you use more than one email account for outreach.

Marek tyniec, Marketing Specialist at Xfive

Start growing

Unlimited follow-ups

Just one follow-up email can increase your reply rate by 22% which is why follow-ups are an integral part of any cold email campaign.

Unlimited team members

Add as many users as you want and collaborate with them all under one account.