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  • +60% Average Open Rate
  • 12% Average Reply Rate

We have seen some of our clients triple their revenue since starting outbound emailing with Woodpecker. We believe this could be attributed to the white label solutions and email cadence strategy Woodpecker allows us to implement.

Woodpecker is the glue allowing our outbound sales process to scale up. I would guess 90% of the leads we get are enabled by Woodpecker at some level.

Patrick Baynes
CEO & founder

  • 95% Best Open Rate
  • 45% Best Reply Rate
  • 83.3% Best Open Rate
  • 38.9% Best Reply Rate

Our cold email outreach strategy has improved a lot since we started using Woodpecker. […] We can set up our campaigns in less than 30 minutes. Monitoring stats are super easy, and all the details are just a click away.

  • 65% Best Open Rate
  • 27% Average Reply Rate

One of the great things about Woodpecker is that it lets you pull all your customers in one central place for billing, and everything to do with account logistics, which has really streamlined our experience for our clients.

  • 100% Best Open Rate
  • 60-80% Best Reply Rate

[Nerus] mainly uses Woodpecker for cold emailing. And what we mostly appreciate is its deliverability capabilities. In some campaigns, we actually have an open rate of 100%. In some cases we get about 60% replies; it is quite high . . . It is satisfying to use a tool that is as result-oriented as we are.

  • 88% Best Open Rate
  • 13% Best Reply Rate

We approached many of our prospects and generated leads for ourselves and our clients with Woodpecker. A big chunk of them converted into paying customers. […] I like that it’s built for agencies and has a beautiful UI. […] No other tool has such a clear and explicit agency panel.