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How it works


You send us a filled-out form to apply for a spot in the Agency Growth Program.


We reach out to talk about your agency needs within 24 hours to see if we’re a match.


You show up for weekly virtual sessions with our expert to learn how to maximize your cold outreach ROI.


After 2 months, you get a certificate of completion - use it to back up your expertise.

Should you apply?

Only if you’re an agency owner who wants to scale!

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Why you should apply

You'll get a unique chance to tap into our experts' know-how, gained by working with 100s of lead gen agencies

You'll learn the newest techniques and tips on what works in cold email today

You'll get a special offer for Woodpecker Agency so you can test what you learn as the program progresses

You'll be able to swap stories, insights and observations with other agencies in the program

Questions & answers

How much does it cost?

Nothing. We choose a few agencies every week that we help to grow their agency. They receive exclusive access for meeting with deliverability experts.

How long does the Agency Camp Weekly last?

4 workshops, on-going slack support, assignments and challenges.

Do I have to be a Woodpecker client?

No, all agency owners can apply. During the program, you receive free access to the Woodpecker Agency with all functions to help you succeed in outbound campaigns.