Cold email that generates heat

Send cold emails, automate follow-ups, and get real responses
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Use Woodpecker Cold Email to
  • surpass your company goals
  • bring new leads
  • get more sales
  • surpass your company goals
  • bring new leads

Woodpecker is easy

Once you log in, you'll know what to do

Easy to Onboard

We’ll work with you to help make your onboarding as smooth as possible.

Easy to Integrate

Woodpecker easily integrates with all your tried and true software.

Easy to Learn

We get that you might not be a cold emailing expert - but our intuitive interface, support team, blog content, and tutorials will get you there.
Smooth onboarding, easy integration with software, intuitive learning resources for cold emailing.

Woodpecker is safe

Designed to protect your reputation and campaigns

Unique algorithm mimics human behavior, preventing email errors.

Unique Algorithm

Our algorithm acts human and helps you avoid mistakes - like sending emails to someone who already replied.
Track success with reports on email opens, clicks and responses.


Measure your success with our reports - including open, click & response tracking - and quantify what you need to do next.

Watch our app in action

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Woodpecker has been a game changer for us in our business development and I dont see us using any other service

Woodpecker connects

The emails get to where you need them to go


Make every message you send feel real and personal.


Woodpecker integrates with your inbox and sends opening emails and follow-ups from there. You step in when the contact responds.

Delivered emails

The more emails that reach the inbox - and not spam - the better. And this is where Woodpecker really delivers!