Interested in a white-label client reporting solution?

Woodpecker Agency grows with you at scale

Here’s what that looks like with our features

Start your journey

Easy integration

Integrate it with all your trusted software and email providers and get started.

Account onboarding & migration assistance

Switching from another tool? We’ll make the process as smooth as possible.

Highly-rated support

Still have questions? Our team is with you every step of the way.

Deliver your emails


Warm up email accounts and protect your messages from ending up in spam.

50K email verification

Decrease your bounce rate and protect your sender reputation with our real-time, built-in email verification powered by Bouncer.

Custom tracking domains

Track unsubscribes, email opens, and link clicks using your own domain.

Your deliverability monitored 24/7

Catch any possible deliverability issues before they happen. Generate a .csv summary to get a bird's-eye view of the deliverability stats for all of your client accounts. Export a .pdf file to show the results to a client.

Improve your workflow

All clients on one panel

Easily manage all your client accounts on one intuitive panel where everything you need is one click away.

Global agency settings

With our domain blacklist, you can take comfort in knowing that no one from your team will contact the wrong people.

Your clients add their mailboxes

Send an invite and let the client connect their mailbox to your agency. No password sharing. Easy & safe.

Built-in mailbox audit

Woodpecker audits your clients' mailboxes and suggests what needs to be done on a technical level to get them ready for sending at scale.

Up your game

A/B testing

Optimize your copy by split testing the From and Subject lines, the Value Proposition, the Signature and MORE.

API integration

Sync the apps you use every day and make moving data between them as easy as it gets.

If campaigns

Set up follow-up variations depending on the contact's behavior.

Manual tasks

Create specific actions for your campaign to improve your workflow and your prospects management.

Grow your agency


Grow with the peace of mind that Woodpecker Agency will continue to grow with you at scale.

Experts Program

Gain the chance to connect with Woodpecker’s users as your new clients.

Enjoy your freedom

Unlimited follow-ups

Follow-ups are an integral part of any cold email campaign, so take advantage of this feature.

Unlimited team members

Add as many users as you want and collaborate with them all under one account.