Integrate Woodpecker
with Base

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Base is an easy-to-use CRM that helps you keep track of your leads, contacts and deals. Track your leads, convert them into deals and customize your sales pipeline to fit your team’s needs. If you integrate Woodpecker with Base, after you enter information in one app you won’t have to manually update the info in the other app.




How does it work?

The integration with Base is available for Woodpecker users at the Team Pro plan.

You have two options to synchronize Woodpecker and Base, but luckily neither of them require coding skills. To integrate the two, you can use Zapier or PieSync.

Integration via PieSync

PieSync allows you to merge Woodpecker and Base contact databases. It works pretty seamlessly. Every time you change or add contact info in one app, the info in the other app becomes automatically updated.

To illustrate, when you alter prospect data in Woodpecker, the information in Base changes. You don’t have to copy and paste information from one app into another anymore.

Integration via Zapier

With Zapier you may set an event in one tool, called a ‘trigger’, and it will automatically start an event in the other tool, dubbed ‘action’ by Zapier. Check available triggers and actions in Woodpecker and Base below.

If you set Base as your trigger app, you can pick one of the following triggers:

  • New deal
  • Incoming deals
  • New lead
  • Qualified Deals
  • New Contact
  • New Deal Won
  • New Lead with Status

For those triggers, select the following action:

  • Create/Update Prospect in Campaign (adds a new prospect or updates existing prospect’s data in a chosen campaign)
  • Stop Follow-ups (stop follow-ups planned for this prospect)
  • Create/Update prospect (adds a new prospect or updates an existing prospect in a list of prospects)

But if you choose Woodpecker as your trigger app, you can pick one of those triggers:

  • Prospect Interested
  • Prospect Maybe Later
  • Email Opened
  • Prospect Autoreplied
  • Prospect Invalid
  • Prospect Replied
  • Prospect Bounced
  • Follow-Up After Autoreply
  • Link Clicked
  • Prospect Not Interested

One of those triggers will start one of the following actions:

  • New Deal
  • New Lead
  • New Contact
  • Create New Task on Lead/Contact/Deal
  • Create Note on Lead/Contact/Deal

The choice is yours. You would find it helpful with your work, wouldn’t you? To give you an example, you can set the following zap: each time you get a new lead in Base, a new prospect is added to a Woodpecker campaign of your choice. Choose Base as your trigger app. Next, set a trigger “New Lead”. Connect your Base account at Zapier and test it to check if everything works fine. Then, choose Woodpecker as you action app, set action – Create/Update Prospect in Campaign and test it. When your Woodpecker account is connected, name your zap and set it running.

How to set it up?

Integration via PieSync

Your Woodpecker and Base integration via PieSync can be successfully established in just a few clicks. Make sure you have an account on PieSync and the apps you want to sync. Log into PieSync, choose Woodpecker and Base as the apps you want to synchronize and set a direction of the integration. For a detailed instruction on the setup, follow the link to the setup tutorial in the Help & tutorials section below.

Integration via Zapier

If you prefer to integrate Woodpecker and Base via Zapier, it’s simple as well. You need to have Zapier and Base account on top of your Woodpecker account. You log into Zapier, choose a tool and a trigger, then choose the other application and an action for that app. You just need to paste API keys to Woodpecker and Base when asked to do so. A step-by-step instruction on how to make a zap is available in the Help & tutorials section below.

Merge your Woodpecker and Base contact databases