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Optimised for Gmail changes introduced in February 2024



Contacted prospects

Any prospect processed in a campaign during a current monthly session (meaning the system took an action like validating an email address, sending an email, or running a task). Only the first action per prospect counts. Follow-up emails are free.
  • 500
  • 1 000
  • 2 000
  • 3 000
  • 4 000
  • 6 000
  • 8 000
  • 10 000
  • 12 000
  • 15 000
  • 20 000
  • 25 000
  • See tiers up to
    90 million in-app

Stored prospects

All prospects in your Prospects table, except deleted ones. The limit of stored prospects is calculated by multiplying your limit of contacted prospects by 4 to ensure you have enough room to store your prospects.
2 000
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  • Free email warm-up tool
    (valued at $429/month)
    Improve your sender reputation to get top deliverability rates for an email address or your whole domain. Not available for Google accounts since Google forbade such tools from the 6th of February 2023. Save anywhere from 29$/month to 429$/month depending on your volume - compared with buying a separate warm-up tool like Warmy or Mailreach.
  • Free email address verification tool
    (valued at $2000)
    Verify automatically against expired, fake or misspelled email addresses to avoid domain blacklisting. The emails are verified for free with Bouncer. Save from 8$ to 2000$, depending on your volume - compared with buying a separate email verification tool like Bouncer, ZeroBounce or MailCheck.
  • Free unlimited team members
    Invite as many team members as you like for free. So if in other tools for 5 members, you’d pay 5 x 29$/seat per month = 145$, in Woodpecker you’d pay 29$/month for all 5 team members. And adding even more members won’t come with additional costs.
  • Free unlimited email accounts
    Connect as many email accounts as you want at no additional cost
  • Inbox Rotation
    Send your campaigns from multiple email accounts for better deliverability. Use as many accounts as you have connected to Woodpecker for free since the price is not per email slot
  • Bounce shield
    Stay within the sending limits of your email provider to avoid getting blocked. If your provider blocks you, then the following emails won’t get delivered; in other words, they will bounce. Bounce shield anticipates and prevents the block of your account.
  • Condition-based campaigns
    Set up follow-up variations depending on a prospect’s behavior.
  • A/B tests
    Test up to 5 versions of a message to find out what works best and improve reply rates.
  • AI email assistant
    Generate cold email copy with AI and tweak it to create an email campaign faster.


  • API keys & integrations
    Integrate with i.a. HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zapier and use API for custom integrations. Available in the marketplace in the app ($20/mo).

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