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Send automated emails with a human vibe

Create customized emails that look like you're reaching out to a friend, and automate them to save on writing time.

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Warm-up & recovery

Protect your outbound campaigns and your reputation with our proven warm up & recovery process.

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Unique Algorithm

Our algorithm acts human and helps you avoid mistakes - like sending emails to someone who already replied.

Patrick Campbell Nerdwise Ceo
When we found Woodpecker, we gave it a look and found that this was the one tool that did everything we needed. Once we tried it, we were hooked. It was so easy to set up, the perfect UI, with all the settings you need, and none of the ones you didn't. Couldn't be happier with Woodpecker
Mark Fromson,
CEO and Co-Founder at LocalSolo.com

Get results with advanced emails

Increase opens, clicks, and replies

Customize email in preview

Do you have a closer connection with one of the prospects? Or maybe you noticed their LinkedIn post this morning? Tweak the body of your email in preview for an ever more personalized campaign.

A/B test your emails

Experiment with your personalized email campaigns: test email copy and subject lines to see what works. Get more of your emails delivered thanks to the diversified content, and turn your custom email marketing campaigns into a success.

Boost contacts engagement

Increase the chances of getting a reply with a more relevant message. Set up alternate versions of a follow-up, based on how a prospect engages with the previous email.