Campaign stopped after upgrading my account

See what to do if your campaign stops after you've upgraded your account.

As a fresh user of the Woodpecker account, you have the opportunity to take advantage of every feature on the Trial within your first 7 days. That is, of course, connected to Add-ons, which let you have more options when creating a campaign.

Once the trial ends and you have the choice to upgrade your account, you might decide to switch off some Add-ons for your account to cost less.

Upgrading account panel

If you’ve run any campaigns during the trial period, they will still be active when you switch to a paid subscription. However, if you have removed the add-on that allowed you to use its features in the campaign, it will be stopped by our system.

When this happens, the App won’t let you edit the campaign, even if you’d like to remove some elements from it. The only thing you will be able to do is to look into its statistics.

The solution to this situation can be applied in two ways: either purchase the add-on again or create a campaign from scratch.

To purchase the add-on, navigate to the Marketplace tab under your Account’s settings. There, click on the Add-ons subtab and choose the one that was used in the campaign.

Picture pointing to one chosen add-on

Click on the button to add it and confirm this action. The ability to restart the campaign will be restored.

Picture with chosen add-on, it

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