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How to add a new email signature
in Woodpecker

Now it's time to put your email signature to work. Follow the steps below to copy your signature and add it in your email client.

Follow the steps below or watch video

Signature installation steps

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    With Woodpecker, you need to copy the source code of your signature. Click "Copy email signature HTML code".


    Open Woodpecker, hover over your username in the top right corner and click "Settings".


    Make sure you're in the Accounts>Email tab. Pick the email address you'd like to add your signature to. Click the gear icon in its row.


    Once you're in the General settings, choose "Signature" from the left‑side menu. In the editor, click the </> symbol to switch the mode to HTML.


    Paste your email signature source code. Next, click the </> symbol again to switch back to text mode. You'll see a visual preview of your signature. Click the "Save changes" button.

    Create a new campaign and choose the email account you just added your signature to. Your newly created email signature will now appear in every email you send in your campaign.