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How to add a new email signature
in Outlook on the web

Now it's time to put your email signature to work. Follow the steps below to copy your signature and add it in your email client.

Follow the steps below or watch video

Signature installation steps

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    You need to copy your email signature with all styles. Click the "Copy email signature" button in Woodpecker Email Signatures.


    Open Outlook on the web and click on the gear icon in the top right corner. Choose "View all Outlook settings" from the drop-down menu.


    Select "Email" from the left-side menu and click "Compose and reply". You should see the "Email signature" section.


    Click "New signature", insert a name and paste your signature into the text field.


    Scroll down to the "Select default signatures" section and choose your newly created signature. Make sure to set "HTML" as the message format.


    Click "Save".

    In order to check your new signature, create a new email. You should see your signature in the message draft.