What happens after a payment failure?

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  2. What will happen to my account?

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Reasons for payment failure

The reasons for payment failure can vary, but not all are cause for concern. In this article, you will find a brief explanation of what exactly can be considered a pay problem, and what happens to your account after such things happen.

  1. Error adding new credit card details

    Firstly, check if you definitely entered the correct info in Woodpecker. If the answer is yes and an issue persists, the best way to fix this is to reach out to your bank and ask about the reason behind the payment failure.

  2. New credit card

    Remember to keep your card data updated in the Billing & payment info section of Woodpecker. If it expires and the payment is due soon, you can add a different one as a new payment method.

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  3. Old card data stored in the browser

    Sometimes browsers do tend to keep the data you’re entering, whether it’s login credentials or your billing information. This can happen to your card data, even if you changed it in Woodpecker at some point. To make sure the data is up to date when confirming the payment, click on the “Edit” link above the name of your Card.

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What will happen to my account?

If Woodpecker is not able to deduct the payment on your billing date, the system will try to collect the fee 3 more times. Every 3 days Woodpecker will attempt to charge you once again, giving you around 12 days to make the payment.

After the last attempt, if unsuccessful, your account will be destined for deletion.

What if you want to restore it, but it’s been a few days since it was closed? You will have a chance to renew your subscription by paying the regular fee and the amount you haven’t paid before. When you renew your account, you’ll have a chance to see the summary of your billing.


Q.: Why does it cost more to renew my account?

If you do not cancel your account and we are not able to deduct a payment, your account remains fully active. Despite that, Woodpecker tries to collect the payment for a couple more days. Since we do not want to unnecessarily interfere with your business plans, we do not limit any of the functionalities of your account. However, once making a payment, your renewal cost will also consist of the additional, prorated amount for the days when your account remained fully active, despite the pay problem. This prorated amount will be added to the final renewal payment.

Q.: Can I reinstate my account even though the time to retry payments has passed?

Sure you can! If you see the link to go back to Woodpecker at the top of the page, just click on it and confirm the payment for renewing the account. Keep in mind, however, that we have the right to delete canceled accounts that have not been renewed for a month or more.