Adding prospects to Woodpecker

After you create your prospects list it's time to add it to Woodpecker.


I. Add prospects to a campaign
→ Import
→ Manually
→ From database

II. Add prospects to Prospects database
→ Import
→ Manually
→ Create a campaign for newly added prospects


I. Add prospects to a campaign

How many prospects can I add to Woodpecker?

You can import up to 20,000 prospects in one CSV or Excel (XLS or XLSX format) upload. Moreover, you can add a maximum of 20,000 prospects to a single campaign, though such a big number isn’t recommended. Read more »

How big a file can be? Are there any limitations?

Your Excel file can’t be bigger than 5 MB. There are no limitations to a CSV file.

As you scroll down below the email sequence, you’ll see the Prospects section. There are three options for adding prospects to your campaign:

add-prospects-woodpecker image

1. Import – if you have a long list of prospects, collected in a spreadsheet (a CSV, XLS or XLSX file.)

  1. Prepare your spreadsheet. It should contain at least a column with email addresses. There should also be some columns that will correspond to fields in Woodpecker (such as First Name, Company or Website); this is not required but recommended – the better the database, the greater your options for personalizing your emails. These custom fields, we call them snippets. Next, save your spreadsheet to file in a CSV, XLS or XLSX format (when saving, make sure you have UTF-8 encoding selected).

Example spreadsheet

Learn more:

Check out our CSV and Excel guide »
How Does Personalization Affect Cold Email Deliverability?

2. Back in Woodpecker, click “Add prospects” on the right, and select “Import”. In the new screen, click “Browse…”, and select your file, then click “Upload and Import”.

add-prospects-woodpecker image

3. In the next screen, map Woodpecker fields to those in your spreadsheet. Any unmapped fields will not be imported. If the first row contains column headers, check “Ignore the first row when importing”, right below. When this is done, click “Import”.

add-prospects-woodpecker image

4. In this last screen, you are given a summary of your input and choices. Before you click “Add” to confirm and add these prospects to your campaign, you can also:

  • review the list of all imported prospects (click “see details”) – here you can deselect any that you don’t want to add, using the checkboxes in the leftmost column;
  • check any errors in imported prospects’ data (click “download” on the right) – that’s a file containing any entries that returned an error;
  • preview your emails (click “Preview” below) – you’ll be shown what the emails will look like once they are sent;
  • send a test email to your own address (click “Send Test Email”) – the whole sequence of emails from your campaign, containing example data, will be sent to your own address.

Summary screen

Re-importing prospects

If you wish to add already existing prospects to a new campaign or update their data, please check our article about duplicates here.

2. Manually – if you’d like to add just a few prospects.

  1. Click “Add prospects”, on the right, and select “Manually”.
  2. In the table that appears, in the first column, type in the prospect’s email address (required). Hit [Enter] to add another.
  3. Fill the other fields with the information you want to use (First name, Last name, etc.).
  4. Click “Add” to add these prospects to your campaign.

Add Prospects: Manually

3. From database – you can select individual prospects from your database in Woodpecker, once it is populated.

  1. Click “Add prospects”, on the right, and select “From database”.
  2. Select any prospects you previously uploaded, and click “Add” to add them to your campaign.

Please remember that you can filter your prospects by Status, Campaign they are in, Contacted (YES/NO), the file they were Imported from, or by Tags.

add-prospects-woodpecker image

II. Add prospects to Prospects database

There are 2 ways you can add prospects directly to your Woodpecker database:

add-prospects-woodpecker image

Create a campaign for newly added prospects

Once you’ve uploaded some prospects to Woodpecker, you can create a campaign for them. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Checkmark one or more prospects.
  2. Click “Actions”.
  3. Select “Create campaign”.

You’ll be redirected to the newly created campaign.

add-prospects-woodpecker image

Already contacted prospects

In case some of the selected prospects have already been contacted, you’ll be notified about it. Decide whether to include those contacts or remove them from your campaign. Click ‘Create campaign’ to finalize the process.

add-prospects-woodpecker image


You’re receiving an error while trying to import your prospects to Woodpecker.

Download the error file and check it. There you will see the fields which couldn’t be mapped correctly. Make sure you don’t include the column “STATUS” with values like “Verified” or “Non-verified”. As a status, you can use only statuses available in Woodpecker. Learn more about our statuses »

You’d like to add the same prospects to another campaign. It doesn’t work and shows duplicates.

Sometimes you may want to add already existing prospects to a new campaign. Here’s the detailed instruction on how to add duplicates.

The Prospect list takes a long time to load.

Clean your browser history and cache. You can also switch to Mozilla Firefox, as it proved to work better with Woodpecker.

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