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The challenge they need to solve:

“We deliver sales meetings, podcast interview guests, and high-quality B2B lists for our clients. We grow if our clients grow. Cold email can help us drive valuable relationships for us and our clients.”



The challenge they need to solve:

“A couple of years ago, our outbound strategy was 90% dependent on offline industry conferences and events. One day it all changed because the whole world was locked at home. Email campaigns and Linkedin outreach seemed to be the most logical way to reach audiences worldwide.”

Winebrenner Productions

United States

The challenge they need to solve:

“Although making and distributing documentary films may seem like an outlier, I believe a lot of the challenges we encounter are similar to those faced by other small, bootstrapping content creators who are marketing their ideas and products to businesses and organizations.”

BISON Group Ltd

New Zealand

The challenge they need to solve:

“Our first campaign to 89 prospects returned just one lead and taught us many lessons. Now, we just need to learn how to scale up the system 10, 50, 100 times and we may well begin to believe that our goal could become a reality.”



The challenge they need to solve:

“We're always looking to learn new approaches to outreach and diversify the services we offer to our clients. We'd love the opportunity to join the Cold Email Camp and learn from the Woodpecker team and guest speakers.”