Woodpecker Cold Email Camp 2022

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What is it

We're flying 5 B2B teams in for an exclusive $25k sales workshop - for free.

They'll spend 1 week learning from world-class experts.

12-16 September, 2022. In Europe. All costs on us.

PS: Oh, and we'll film the whole thing. Ever wanted to be in a show? Think, "Drive to Survive", just without Lewis Hamilton, the spectacular car crashes, and the millions of Netflix's dollars.

  • 1st stage

    You record a max 2-minute video, publish it, fill the form & hit "apply

  • 2nd stage

    We choose the first 4 winning teams

  • 3rd stage

    We publish 10 more runner-up videos for public voting

  • 4th stage

    We announce the 5th Camp participant & start working on the documentary

Who is it for

Are we looking for "sexy startups" aspiring to become unicorns? Uhmm, not really.

We're looking for:

  • inspiring people who want to share their business idea with the world
  • entrepreneurial spirits who are eager to learn from top notch experts
  • the cast of a Netflix-like documentary about modern sales

Leading Experts

Learn from top sales coaches and cold email practitioners

Josh Braun

Founder of Josh Braun Sales Training

Former Head of Sales at Basecamp and VP of Sales at Jellyvision. Author of Badass B2B Growth Guide. Followed by thousands of sales professionals around the globe.

Josh's session

Fewer rejections.
More conversations.

In his virtual guest session, Josh will teach you about why prospects ignore sales messages, how to lower resistance, how to clarify your message, and how to write a good email.


Jason Bay

Chief Prospecting Officer at Blissful Prospecting

Trainer for B2B reps & sales teams. Founder of Outbound Squad™ and host of the Blissful Prospecting podcast. He regularly shares advice on LinkedIn on how you can become a great sales rep.

Jason's session

Drive replies with follow‑ups.

Joining to do a virtual session, Jason will teach you how to squeeze the most out of each of your outbound campaigns by expertly following up with prospects.


Jared Burke

Director at Pyrashyut

At his agency, Jared helps clients daily to land, develop and retain new business. With over 15 years of experience, he knows the ins and outs of a correctly strategized and executed outbound sales process.

Jared's workshop

Outbound sales process ‑ strategy & execution.

Jared will lead the main workshops each day of the Camp, during which he's going to guide you through the full process of outbound sales - from start to finish.


Emilia Mosiewicz

Co-founder of Be Brave Solutions and Talendy.io

Former Sales Director at LiveChat. In the sales business for over 14 years. Since co-founding her agency, she's helped over 100 companies from 18 countries to build a predictable and repeatable sales process.

Patrick Baynes

CEO at Nerdwise

Founder of PeopleLinx, acquired by Frontline in 2015. Since then, Patrick has helped over 500 companies to work smarter and grow faster with his team at Nerdwise, where he leads vision, execution and customer relationships.

What they get

We cover travels, hotels, food, the venue, the whole workshop... and the after party.

  • 5 teams (max 3 people/team)
  • Europe - Poland - Wrocław
  • Woodpecker's HQ
  • 5 days learning
  • 3 sales experts
  • fame from the first ever cold email show

Why we're doing this

Together with world-class experts, we want to teach you how to sell and get the customers you need to run a business.

And why a documentary? So you can learn that, too.

What you'll learn

You'll build your own effective outbound sales process from scratch.


How to figure out your ideal customer profile


How to build a prospect list


What to write, or say, so that they get interested


How to set up an effective cold outreach campaign