How to integrate Google Sheets with Woodpecker?

Google sheets have been natively integrated with Woodpecker now, which means there is no more need to export and import files.


1. How does it work?
2. How do I connect my Google Account?
3. How do I add prospects from Google Sheets to Woodpecker?
4. FAQ

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1. How does it work?

Woodpecker will connect with your Google Account and gain access to your Google Sheets saved on Google Drive.

Then, you can prepare a spreadsheet with prospects and instead of downloading it as a CSV file and importing it back to Woodpecker, you can move prospects between two applications with just a few clicks.

Image with description about Google Sheets integration with Woodpecker

Google Sheets Integration is a part of an API Key and Integrations add-on, click here to learn how to get it on Marketplace »

2. How do I connect my Google Account?

  1. Log in to your Woodpecker account.
  2. Go to Settings → MarketplaceIntegrations.
  3. Click on the icon with the Google Sheets logo:

Image with arrows poitnting to Google Sheets integration under Marketplace

4. Connect with your Google Account:

Image with arrow poitnting to a

5. Allow Woodpecker to access your Google Account:

Image with the access page from Google

Remember to check the box next to See and download all your Google Drive files as this integration won’t work without it.

Connecting Google Account isn’t going to add your email address associated with it to Woodpecker for sending. Here is our guide on how to connect Gmail to Woodpecker »

Now that you have successfully connected your Google Account to Woodpecker you can transfer prospects from your Google Sheets.

3. How do I add prospects from Google Sheets to Woodpecker?

After connecting with your Google Account click on the “Show” icon next to your login. You’ll see all the spreadsheets that Woodpecker was able to find and from which you can import prospects.

Gif showing how the files from Google Sheets will look like in Woodpecker

Choose a spreadsheet that you would like to import from and choose whether you want to upload your prospect to the main prospect base or straight to a certain campaign.

Image showing two options to import prospects to Woodpecker from Google Sheets

The rest of the process looks the same as with importing prospects from a file »


Q: Can I connect multiple Google Accounts?

Yes, you can connect as many accounts as you need. To do so, please use the Connect Google Account button.

Q: How do I delete my Google Account from Woodpecker?

If you wish to disconnect your Google Account from Woodpecker just click on the trash icon next to your Google login.

Q: If I update my spreadsheet on Google Drive would it also be updated in Woodpecker?

No, Woodpecker will not follow changes made to your spreadsheet. If you wish to update it, you’ll need to import it once again.

Q: I just uploaded a new spreadsheet, but I don’t see it in Woodpecker.

Use a refresh button every time there is a new spreadsheet created on your Google Drive in order to get it integrated with Woodpecker.

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