What is the difference in admin, team member, and guest viewer roles?

An article providing an overview of the roles available in our App. Find out which one has which privileges to operate in Woodpecker.


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  2. User role
  3. Client role
  4. Permissions in Agency
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To give our customers more options in Woodpecker, we give them an opportunity to choose roles that they want for themselves, for their teammates, or even for their clients. In this article, you’ll find the explanation on how to limit access to your account if there are areas that only you, as an owner, want to see.

Admin role

That is the primary role assigned to you if you were the one who created the Woodpecker account. All of the places in our App are available in this case, so if you have any questions regarding where to find something, our help articles cover all the details.

Admin in a cold email account

By having access to the tabs with reports, billing information, and all the campaigns created, you can easily export any data from Woodpecker. Read our guide on how to do it from different places in the App »

User role

When inviting your work colleagues to your company’s account, you add them as your Team Members. After accepting the invitation, they will be given access to create and manage all of the campaigns.

If you don’t want to share your Billing or Slots information, you can invite someone without admin privileges, so as a regular user. They won’t be able to see said tabs, so you can be sure they won’t accidentally remove or pause your account.

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Users with no admin privileges can invite other non-admin users to join their Woodpecker account, but they won’t be able to remove them afterward.

Client role

If you are running a firm (your customer) under your agency, and you want to invite a customer’s representative to give them access to the campaign’s stats, you can do so in the Company settings tab. The Client role is given to someone who is invited to this specific firm with limited privileges only. When personalizing an invitation to them, there is an option “Can add and manage their email accounts” you can choose to checkmark.

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The only tab that will be visible to your clients is the Campaigns one. There, they will be able to review any campaign with Stats, and export the campaign data to a .CSV file.

The exception to this division of roles is the Inbox tab. This tab can only be seen and reviewed by users who connected their email accounts to slots. No role can overwrite this, as it’s a core functionality of our App and cannot be changed.

Permissions in Agency

In the Agency panel view, you see the list of all companies that you can review in terms of active accounts, Daily sending information, and the Deliverability reports (but only those companies that you have access to).

From the Companies tab level, you are able to choose who has permission to enter your Company – the only thing that needs to be done is check-marking a specific person from the list of users.

Permissions in Agency

Regarding the Inbox tab: if you are the owner of the Agency, you will be able to see the emails in other inboxes, but only those related to the campaigns.


Q.: I have access to the Company, but can’t edit anything when logging in. Why?

The reason for that is the difference in logging from the level of the Agency panel and your account. When you have access to a specific Company and want to edit some campaigns there, enter the Company from the Woodpecker Agency panel by clicking on the “Log in” icon.

If you enter the company by clicking on its name in the menu under your account’s name, you’ll be able to see only a list of campaigns in this company. There’s no option to edit them, as this action only switches you to the view of the company under the agency (i.e., it’s the perspective of the client who only has a view of the campaigns in one company).

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Q.: I want to create a campaign for another company, but I can’t do that, why is that?

This is a situation where you don’t have full access to the company under your Agency. You’ll still be able to view the campaigns list and review their performance with stats.

Q.: Can I add an already existing account in Woodpecker to my Team?

Yes, you can do that. The person you add to your Team will be able to switch between their personal account and the one you added them to.