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Tell others about us, provide them with an extended Woodpecker trial and earn 20% recurring commission

You don’t have to be an existing user.

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Every month for the customers you refer. 20% commission from every payment they make.

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Free and easy to join

We do not require any previously signed contract or certificates from you.

We do the hard work

User onboarding is totally on our side. You’ll get a percentage of the profit we make.

Added service to referrals

We have a dedicated team to help the leads from the Partner Program get full advantage of their trial at Woodpecker.

Easy money withdrawal

Get your money by simply requesting to withdraw money in your Partner Panel. Enjoy the ease of direct withdrawal.

Uncapped earnings

There’s no cap on earnings. The more accounts you refer to us, the more you earn. You get 20% of every referred customer's payment.

Dedicated Partner Panel

View reports and track referrals on earned commission at your convenience through our panel anytime you want.

Why Partners choose Woodpecker

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  • Do I have to be a Woodpecker user to join? 

    You don’t need to be a premium user to join. It helps to be familiar with the tool, but we can show you around. If you are a customer, we’d be glad to have you on board too.

  • What’s our referral cookie policy? 

    If a referred visitor to our site doesn’t convert, you can still earn commission if they return and activate their account within 30 days. Last click counts.

  • I referred a customer to Woodpecker, but I was not a Partner, can I still add them? 

    Of course. Let us know and we'll see what we can do.

  • Can I change the commission rate? 

    The commission rate is consistent and will not change.

  • What’s an affiliate link? 

    An affiliate link is a unique URL to provide to your clients. Every Partner receives their own unique affiliate link with extended Woodpecker Trial.

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