Exporting Prospects from Woodpecker

You can export the data of your contacts from your Prospects database or directly from a campaign.


Exporting prospects – database
Exporting prospects – campaign
Exporting detailed data
Exporting reports

Export: Prospects database

  1. Go to ‘Prospects’.

  2. Check-mark prospects you wish to export.

    After you check-mark some prospects, the ‘Actions’ tab will appear above the column.

  3. Click ‘Select all X prospects‘ to mark all the emails.

  4. Click on the ‘More actions‘ icon.

  5. Select ‘Export as .csv’.

Step-by-step tutorial on exporting the list from Prospects tab

Export: Campaign

  1. When viewing your campaign, open ‘PROSPECTS’.

  2. Select the specific statistics you want to see.

  3. Check-mark prospects you wish to export.

  4. Click ‘Select all… prospects‘ to mark all the emails.

  5. Click ‘Actions’ tab.

  6. Select ‘Export as .csv.

STep-by-step tutorial on how to export the contacted prospects list from a campaign

Exporting detailed data of your prospects

Go to a chosen campaign and filter your prospects to export some data, for example:

To do so, go to a chosen campaign, filter your prospects, then check-mark them and export as a CSV file. Here’s the detailed instruction on how to export interest levels »

Gif with hovering on the differents stats

Exporting reports

Read more about daily, weekly or monthly reports in our guide here »