How to change From Name (Office 365)

As an Office 365 user, learn how to modify the "From Name" in Outlook, and have it properly updated in Woodpecker afterwards.

Step #1

In Office 365, navigate to the Admin center, then click Active users; make sure you have “Global administrator” privileges in order to introduce the changes.

Next, you will need to click your user name in the list, and find the row “Display name”, then click “edit”. Here’s where you change it.

Step #2

In Woodpecker, go to Settings → Accounts, then click the account in question.

Click the refresh button next to your “From Name” to have it updated.

Refresh From Name

Remember that it might take more than an hour for Office 365 to apply the new settings.

In case it doesn’t update, give it a bit more time and try again.

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