Campaign statuses in Woodpecker App

While browsing Woodpecker App, you saw one of the statuses of our campaigns, such as Running, Completed, Paused, Stopped, Draft, or Edited.

Campaigns list with their statuses highlighted

Running campaign icon

Running means that your campaign is currently active and sending emails as scheduled in the Delivery Time options. Running campaigns always appear at the top of the list of your campaigns. Completed campaigns change their status back to Running when you add new prospects to them.

Completed campaign icon

Completed means that all emails from this campaign have been sent and there are no more prospects in the queue. The campaign will automatically change its status to Completed after 24 hours after the last email in the queue was sent. This status can’t be applied manually.

Paused campaign icon

Paused means that your campaign is not currently sending emails. You can manually pause the campaign in the campaign view using the icon in the top right corner. You can resume your paused campaign at any time.

Stopped campaign icon

Stopped means that your campaign is not currently sending emails. You can set this status manually in the campaign view by using the icon in the top right corner. Your campaign will automatically stop when you disconnect the email address that you used for sending.

Draft campaign icon

Draft means that your campaign is not currently being sent and is saved as a draft. This status is assigned when you use the ‘save as draft’ option in the Summary section or when you exit the Campaign view while editing.

Edited campaign icon

Edited means that you left the campaign while you were editing it and it was previously running. This status is set automatically and cannot be assigned to the campaign manually. As long as the status is Edited, your campaign will not send any emails.

Error icon

Error means that there are some issues with your campaign or email account that are blocking your emails from being sent. Here is our article about Errors while sending a campaign »