Woodpecker Calls
app for Android

Schedule & track sales calls on your phone

How it works

  • 01Log in to Woodpecker & add a mobile slot. Download the app for Android.
  • 02Set up a campaign with a phone call to be made as a step.
  • 03See the prospects you’ve planned to call on your phone. Call them anytime, anywhere.
  • 04After the call, Woodpecker marks the prospects as ‘responded’ and the follow‑up sequence stops.

Empower your outreach with calls

Leads in your pocket

Call your prospects at the right time wherever you are. Use your cell phone to reach out, follow-up and stay in touch.

Multi-channel campaigns

Combine emails and phone calls for better results. Add calls as steps in your Woodpecker campaigns and find more business opportunities.

Schedule in Woodpecker web app

Add a task to call your prospect as a first step in the outreach campaign or as a follow-up.

Call prospects anywhere

Use a convenient list of calls-to-make in the Android app and contact prospects directly from your phone.

How’s the mobile app different?

  • You don’t need any VoIP integration
  • You can use your own phone number
  • You can make calls wherever you are
  • You manage the prospect’s status from your phone
  • Woodpecker Calls Android APP

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  • Woodpecker Calls Android APP

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