Snippet-based conditions


No more segmenting prospects and running two separate campaigns – one for CEOs, another one for Marketing VPs. No more problems with missing snippets. You can now split your email sequence into two Paths based on prospect’s data with snippet-based conditions.

How it works

When creating your email sequence, you can now choose a snippet-based condition: If a prospect’s {snippet} {equals/is not empty}.

Here’s an example.
Let’s say you have a prospect list, but some of the {{First_Name}} snippets are missing. You can start your campaign by adding a condition like this one:

“If a prospect’s FIRST NAME is not empty”

Now you’ve divided your campaign into two Paths – those prospects whose first name snippet is filled out will fall into Path YES, and those whose first name is missing will fall into Path NO.

You can also use snippet-based conditions to create emails in two different languages or segment your prospects within one campaign.

Key benefits

  • highly personalized messages get more replies
  • more diversified emails increase deliverability
  • you can segment your prospects within one campaign, instead of creating two separate campaigns

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