Manual tasks


Manual Tasks are additional steps that you can schedule in your campaign, apart from emails. They’re manual actions that you want to include within the campaign flow, e.g. to make a phone call to a prospect or to update their data.

How it works

You can add a manual task as one of the steps in your campaign, for example between one follow-up and another.

Adding manual tasks to email sequence

Let’s say the action you’d like to add at this point in the campaign is to call your prospect. You set up a task, and write a reminder to add a note to your CRM to make a phone call – and set the due date on the right of your note.

Adding manual task to email sequence

You can also combine manual tasks with conditions:

  • If you mark the task as done, the Path will divert into Path YES, which might be e.g. a follow-up message with an offer.
  • If you the task was marked as ignored, and the Path will divert into Path NO, which might be an email saying “Hey, I was trying to reach you…”, or no email at all.

Adding manual tasks to email sequence with conditions

If you don’t mark the task as done or ignored, it won’t trigger any of the possible next steps.

Key benefits

  • create multi-step campaigns to boost the chance of closing a deal
  • stay better organized in your workflow

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