9 Dec 2021

Warm-up & Recovery

Another part of deliverability game changer will help you gain and maintain your domain reputation so every email you send gets straight to your prospect’s inbox.

No remorse when your delivery is getting worse
9 Nov 2021

Bounce Shield

Now you can worry less about bounced emails. Bounce Shield is a new sending algorithm that stops your sending process whenever it detects risk.

Kind of like ping-pong, but better

Deliverability Monitor

With our Deliverability tab you can see how your emails are being sent from a specific email account or all of them. Check stats, predict trends and take care of your deliverability better than before.

25 Aug 2021

Native Hubspot integration

Woodpecker and Hubspot finally joined their forces. With a native integration built by Hubspot you can keep track of your prospects’ activity and sync your data in a real time.

Integrating is caring
23 Aug 2021

Woodpecker Calls

Our call scheduling & tracking app for Android has seen the light! With it you're able to call your prospects directly from your phone wherever you are.

Call me maybe?
24 Jun 2021

Start your campaign with condition

Place a condition before an opening email and conduct more personalized campaigns without splitting your prospect's base into different campaigns.