Woodpecker’s new billing

How does it work? What’s in it for you?

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    No more fixed plans

  • Will I be able to decide what I pay for? 

    Yes. Instead of upgrading your account to a higher pricing plan fixed by us, you can choose the extra functions you’ll actually use and create a feature set tailored to your specific needs. We believe that it should depend on you, your use case, and your individual approach to outreach and follow-up automation.

  • On what basis will I be charged? 

    Instead of traditional plans we offer a customizable pricing based on modules. There’s a set of standard features always available to all our users at the base price, and a list of additional features which you may choose to buy as add-ons. Your monthly payment will depend on the custom set of features you use and the number of slots you use.

  • What will happen to my billing plan if I’ve been a customer for a while? 

    You’ll keep access to all the features you used so far and the price will not change for you, for as long as you stick to your current configuration. Your daily limit for opening messages will be adjusted to your needs based on your previous usage.

    Add as many team members as you need ‑ for free

  • Will my price depend on the number of my team members? 

    No. The price will depend on the number of slots and add-ons you use. You don’t pay for “seats”. You can add as many team members as you want for free. Each of them will have their own login and password for maximum data security.

  • Do I have to buy an additional slot for every team member? 

    No. Some of your team members can have access to Woodpecker without the need for a slot to plug their email in. For instance, you may use just 1 slot to automate your follow-ups using a single email address and, at the same time, 3 people from your company may have access to your Woodpecker account. In such a case, you will be charged for just the 1 slot you’re using.

  • How many team members can I add? 

    As many as you want. Completely free of charge.

    Slots to plug your email in

  • What’s a slot? 

    A slot is like a socket to plug in your email address. The new billing system is slot-based, which means you’ll be charged for the total number of slots you’ve added to your account.

  • How many slots can I use? 

    That depends on you. You start with one slot, and one is the necessary minimum. But you can add as many slots as you need. Your monthly payment will depend on the total number of slots.

  • Can I plug more than one email into one slot? 

    You can connect only one email address to one slot. Just like you can insert only one plug to a socket. But you’ll be able to have a few mailboxes’ configuration settings saved on your account, and conveniently switch emails plugged into your slot.

    Add‑ons ‑ choose & pay for the features you need

  • What’s an add‑on? 

    Add-ons are the extra features you can turn on to supercharge your slots. The list of add-ons you can choose from will be available on our new Pricing page, and in the new part of the app called the Marketplace where you'll be able to easily turn the add-ons on and off.

  • Will an add‑on supercharge all my slots? 

    Yes. When you decide to turn on an add-on, it will be immediately available for all your slots. We’ll charge you for add-ons on a per slot basis, so the overall price of your slot will depend on the add-ons you’re using. All of your slots will have the same price, because add-ons apply to every slot.

  • What if I decide to turn off an add‑on I’ve been using for a while? 

    You can turn the add-ons on and off as you please. Every time you turn on an add-on, you’ll be charged up front for the time left till the end of your billing cycle. When you turn off an add-on, the price of your slots will immediately go down, and the surplus amount you’ve paid in advance will reduce your next payment.

    Daily limits on new contacts

  • What are the daily limits? 

    You can choose a limit of people you’ll be able to contact for the first time each day. Basic limit of 50 messages sent to new contacts a day will be treated as a standard and included in the base price. If you need to contact more people daily, you can unlock either 200 or unlimited new contacts by turning on the corresponding add‑on.

  • Do the limits concern all my messages? 

    No. Only the opening messages, aka first emails, aka messages sent to new contacts will use up the daily limit. The number of follow-ups you can send each day will not be restricted by the the daily limit on new contacts.

  • Can I change my daily limits at any time? 

    Yes. Every time you turn on a daily limit add‑on, you’ll be charged up front for the time left till the end of your billing cycle. When you decide to use a smaller limit, the price of your slots will immediately go down, and the surplus amount you’ve paid in advance will reduce your next payment. You’ll be able to contact as many new people a day as your currently set up limit allows you to.

    Follow‑ups are free and unlimited

  • What do we mean by a follow‑up? 

    When we use the term follow‑up, we refer to the second, third, and every other message sent to a contact in a campaign. That’s the way to keep reminding your prospects about yourself.

  • Will the daily limits concern my follow‑ups? 

    No. Follow‑ups will be sent regardless of the daily limit. For example, using just the standard setup limit, you may contact up to 50 new people a day. But, the same day you’ll still be able to send the follow-ups planned for your previously started campaigns. In other words, the follow‑ups do not use up the daily limits.

  • Why are follow‑ups free and unlimited? 

    Our experience shows that campaigns with as little as one follow-up email get 22% higher positive response rate, than the ones without any. That means following up is what really brings you closer to getting a reply and starting a meaningful business relation. We don’t want to put any limits on that.

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