Get more replies with highly customized emails

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Adjust your emails to prospects' engagement

Boost the chances of getting a reply with a more relevant message. Set up alternate versions of a follow-up, based on how a prospect engages with the previous email.

Use any custom snippet you'd like

The more custom field possibilities, the more relevant your customized mails. With Woodpecker you can put any information you want in a snippet & boost your email personalization.

Detect prospect's timezone

With your prospects' COUNTRY field filled out, Woodpecker can automatically detect their timezone and send your emails during their work hours, even if it's the middle of night for you.

Customize email in preview

Do you have a closer connection with one of the prospects? Or maybe you noticed their Linkedin post this morning? Tweak the body of your email in preview fo an ever more personalized campaign.

A/B test your emails

Experiment with your personalized email campaigns: test email copy and subject lines to see what works. Get more of your emails delivered thanks to the diversified content, and turn your custom email marketing campaigns into a success.

Irregular sending frequency

Thanks to our email throttling algorithm, your emails go out at irregular intervals - as if you were sending each end every one of them by hand. This keeps your personalised campaigns away from spam folders.

Send automated emails with a human vibe

Create customized emails that look like you’re reaching out to a friend, and automate them to save on writing time.

Your contacts won’t even notice you’re using a tool to handle your personalized email marketing campaigns.

Send customized email marketing campaigns

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