Powerful emails. Get more replies with highest deliverability ratio.

Send automated emails with a human vibe

Create customized emails that look like you’re reaching out to a friend, and automate them to save on writing time.

Your contacts won’t even notice you’re using a tool to handle your personalized email marketing campaigns.

Get results with advanced emails

Increase opens, clicks, and replies

Customize email in preview

Do you have a closer connection with one of the prospects? Or maybe you noticed their LinkedIn post this morning? Tweak the body of your email in preview for an ever more personalized campaign.

A/B test your emails

Experiment with your personalized email campaigns: test email copy and subject lines to see what works. Get more of your emails delivered thanks to the diversified content, and turn your custom email marketing campaigns into a success.

Boost contacts' engagement

Increase the chances of getting a reply with a more relevant message. Set up alternate versions of a follow-up, based on how a prospect engages with the previous email.