Integrate Woodpecker
with SharpSpring

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SharpSpring is a cloud-based marketing automation provider. You can integrate it with Woodpecker via Zapier or PieSync and add the leads gathered through SharpSpring to a cold outreach campaign. Or you can stop wasting time by copying and pasting the data in the two apps and let the integration do it for you.



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How does it work?

The integration with SharpSpring is available for Woodpecker users at the Team Pro plan.

By syncing Woodpecker with SharpSpring, you may craft a highly personalized cold email in Woodpecker for the leads that you gathered on SharpSpring. Every prospective client who visits your website, fills out a form, downloads a piece of your content, signs up for a webinar, or simply fits your sales model is annotated on SharpSpring.

That way you can keep a running list of every lead who seems interested in your offer and send their information to Woodpecker. With SharpSpring, you may track when the website visitors are ready to buy which gives your cold email campaign a higher chance of being effective.

How to set it up?

You can integrate Woodpecker with SharpSpring through Zapier or PieSync. If you want to sync the apps through Zapier, you need to have a Zapier account along with the accounts on both, Woodpecker and SharpSpring.

You don’t need to know anything about writing code to sync the two apps. It’s enough to just copy and paste the API keys to authorize your Woodpecker and SharpSpring accounts in Zapier. Start by logging into Zapier, then set up a trigger and an action. If you know nothing about Zapier, check our step-by-step guide, “How to create zap”, in the Help & tutorials section below.

If you want to sync Woodpecker with SharpSpring via PieSync, you log into your PieSync account and choose the apps you want to sync. In this case, it’s Woodpecker and SharpSpring. Next, you authorize the apps by copying and pasting their API keys into PieSync, choose the range of data to be integrated, confirm, and your databases get synced automatically from now on. Without spending any time on coding.



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