Integrate Woodpecker
with Salesmate

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Salesmate is a sales pipeline CRM. With Salesmate, your sales reps and managers can easily add and manage deals, monitor their sales lifecycle and conduct sales analyses. Initiate contact with your prospects using Woodpecker and move them through the sales pipeline at Salesmate or push contacts from Salesmate into a Woodpecker campaign.




via PieSync

via Zapier

How does it work?

The integration with Salesmate is available for Woodpecker users at the Team Pro plan.

You can integrate Woodpecker and Salesmate via two API aggregators, Zapier and PieSync,. Choose whichever feels more suitable to your needs.

Integration via Zapier

Zapier allows you to integrate Woodpecker and Salesmate without working with code. To sync the apps, prepare an API key from Woodpecker and a Salesmate host name, access key, secret key and session token that you can find in the account settings. Take them, paste them when Zapier asks you to and zap the apps together.

For example, you can sync the apps in a way that every time your prospects:

  • click on a link inside the email;
  • open your email for the first time;
  • autoreply;
  • have INVALID statuses in Woodpecker;
  • reply to your message or are marked as REPLIED in Woodpecker;
  • are marked as BOUNCES in Woodpecker;
  • are marked as NOT INTERESTED;
  • are marked as MAYBE LATER.

One of the list of actions happens in Salesmate:

  • Salesmate creates a new contact, company, deal or activity;
  • it updates a company, deal, contact, activity;
  • it filters out the information you’re looking for when something happens in Woodpecker.

And much more.

Check out the guide that Salesmate prepared in the Help & tutorials section below. It smoothly guides you through the whole set up.

Integration via PieSync

PieSync creates parallel data bases at Woodpecker and Salesmate. To put it simply, each time you update data in Woodpecker, it pushes the same piece of data to Salesmate and the other way round. This is how bidirectional sync works. It keeps the information in both apps constantly updated without your supervision.

You can also use a 1-way sync for greater control. You can transfer only the data you need from one app to the other, keeping the rest of the data independent. Set the conditions of the sync, map the fields and that’s all.

How to set it up?

Integrating Woodpecker and Salesmate doesn’t take much time and it’s rather trouble-free. You just need to have accounts at Woodpecker and Salesmate, as well as the tool you want to integrate them through. It can either be Zapier or PieSync.

Integration via Zapier

Zapier allows you to create a 1-way sync based on a simple “if” one thing happens “then” another thing starts formula. To start using a 1-way, “if”-”then,” integration between Woodpecker and Salesmate, go to Zapier and select the two apps.

Next, create a zap. Pick an available trigger from the list. Then, enable Zapier to activate the trigger by pasting the API key or a set of access keys generated in the trigger app. Then, choose the preferred action in the other app and paste the API key or a set of access keys from that app to run the action. Check if everything is fine and that’s all.

For in-depth step-by-step instructions, go to the help section below.

Integration via PieSync

If you need a 2-way integration to automatically sync contacts between Woodpecker and Salesmate, PieSync is your tool. Log into your PieSync account and pick Woodpecker and Salesmate to set up the app integration.

Next, choose the direction of the sync and let PieSync do its wonders through pasting the API keys from Woodpecker and Salesmate host name, access key, secret key, and session token when PieSync asks you to. The second part of the setup is field mapping. Match the fields used in one tool with those in the other.

There’s one-way integration available as well for greater control over what kind of data flows between the apps. You just need to select the app from which you want to send your data to the other app.

If you don’t know how to do it, check out our help section. You’ll find the link to it below.

Sync your contact data between Woodpecker and Salesmate