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PieSync allows you to sync Woodpecker’s prospect base with your favorite cloud applications including CRMs, marketing automation tools, help desks and more. The sync is two-way and real-time.



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How does it work?

The integration with PieSync is available for Woodpecker users at the Team Pro plan.

PieSync is an easy-to-use API integrator. It means that you can authorize PieSync to automatically pass data between two apps. For instance, you can send prospect data from Woodpecker to another tool. All you need to do to complete the sync is to enter API keys from the tools you want to integrate and choose the sync direction.

You can either exchange data by setting up a 2-way or a 1-way sync.

  • 2-way sync

In the first case, the contact databases of the two will merge. Each time you update a contact in one tool, it automatically updates in the other. For instance, when you update your prospect’s data in Woodpecker, it will be at the same time updated in your CRM. And the other way round as well.

  • 1-way sync

If you prefer a 1-way sync, you need to configure a direction of the integration and set up a specific condition (“IF”) that will spark the action (“THEN”) in the other tool. Thus “IF” something happens in one tool, “THEN” another thing happens in another tool.

When those conditions are met in Woodpecker, PieSync automatically starts an action in the other tool (“THEN”).

What’s more, you can sync any data deletion from your tools or unsubscribes (from email lists, for example) in both tools. Or match Woodpecker prospect fields, even the custom ones, with fields in another app, MailChimp, for example.

How to set it up?

You don’t have to hard code to integrate Woodpecker’s prospect base with a contact base in another tool. PieSync allows you to set up the sync in just a few clicks.

All you need to do is log in to PieSync, choose Woodpecker and the other app you want to integrate, and set up a few conditions of the sync.

You can decide on the sync direction, either 1-way or 2-way, create some filters to manage subsets of your contacts, sync deletions or unsubscribes (this one’s available only between some connections), and point to one of your apps that will be the central database. You can also pause the sync whenever you want and resume it after some time.

For step-by-step instruction on the setup, follow the link to the setup tutorial in the Help & tutorials section below.

** Woodpecker’s customers have a $50 discount at PieSync**



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