Get new clients with cold emails and conditional follow-ups.

Predictable Revenue method

1Integrate your email

like you do in any email client

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3Set delivery time

delivery timedelivery timedelivery timedelivery time

6Import contacts

import prospects from CSV or add them manually

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Hit click_this_buttonand Woodpecker will...

Personalize your emails

with many custom fields to make them feel natural

Send your emails & follow-ups

automatically, but one by one as if you
were sending them manually

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Follow-up within the same thread

as the previous message

open_upfollow_upfollow up

Detect all replies

even replies from different address,
forwards and autoresponders

envelope imageenvelope imageenvelope imageenvelope imagecharacter image

Show you stats

like open rate, reply rate, and click rate

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Show you all replies in your inbox

both in Woodpecker and in your Gmail


Set a campaign within 15 minutes

& start building warm B2B relations