Sometimes our users want to transfer their data to another Woodpecker account. There are several reasons they might want to do that. For example, they had a couple of trial accounts and now, they want to merge them into one premium account, without losing the data from the trial period.

The only way to transfer campaigns and data is by the export/import of the .csv files.

When importing a file to Woodpecker, CSV, XLS or XLSX formats are allowed. Export, however, is possible only in CSV.

Here you will find our instruction on how to export the data from Woodpecker.

However, remember that not everything is “transferable”. For example, if you have a campaign in progress and you would like to continue the sending fluently on another Woodpecker account, you may meet some problems.

If you use the filter ‘Emails sent’ and choose the option ‘No emails sent’, you can export the list of those who haven’t received your email yet and continue the campaign on another Woodpecker account. However, notice that this won’t work if you’ve started to send the follow-ups already.

transfer-data-user-account image

This especially applies when users from one organization create multiple separate accounts but would like to use the team functionality (e.g. mutual prospects base, ability to check colleagues’ campaigns, etc.) after getting the premium subscription.

Therefore, we recommend adding users to the team before starting to use multiple accounts in Woodpecker.

Can I pause my account for the time being?

Yes, in order to keep your profile and all data for later use, you can have your account paused.

  1. Go to SettingsBILLING → Billing & Payment Info.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘DELETE ACCOUNT’ section.
  3. Click ‘Pause or cancel‘.pause-account image
  4. Click ‘Pause account $10/mo‘.

pause-account image

Alternatively, contact support specifying your Woodpecker login.

How it works

While your account is paused, sending emails and creating new campaigns is disabled, but you retain full access to all your data: you can review and tag messages in Inbox, update your prospect base and download any entries to a CSV file, as well as review any of your campaigns, and related statistics. These will also update with any new replies from your prospects during the pause.

What remains functional Where What is disabled
reviewing and tagging emails Inbox sending emails
reviewing statistics, editing emails, editing and downloading prospects Campaigns creating new campaigns
editing and removing prospects, downloading entries to a CSV file Prospects adding new prospects
editing profile and billing data, modifying signatures Settings adding or removing Users or Email Accounts


When your account is paused, the monthly fee is reduced to $10.

After unpausing your account, you will be charged for activating the subscription. If you decide to unpause the account before your next billing date, the price for activation will be reduced by the unused pause period as a discount. You can see the details in Settings Billing Summary.


1. What are Add-ons
2. Getting Add-ons
3. Removing Add-ons
4. FAQ

1. What are Add-ons?

Add-ons are extra features, not included in the base fee. They will allow you to create more advanced campaigns, increase your daily limit, integrate Woodpecker with other tools or change your dashboard into Agency one.

get-add-ons-marketplace image

Currently, our add-ons are different Daily Limits », Advanced Campaigns », access to API Key and Integrations » and Woodpecker Agency Panel »

2. Getting Add-ons

Once you’ve decided that you want to expand your possibilities in Woodpecker by purchasing one of our add-ons simply go to the Marketplace → Add-ons. Then click on the icon of the chosen add-on:

get-add-ons-marketplace image

Remember that buying any add-ons will add its price multiplied by the number of your slots to your monthly billing. You’ll see this value under the add-on description. Here you can learn more about how our billing works »

Then simply click the green button at the bottom:

get-add-ons-marketplace image

After confirming your newly purchased add-on content will be unlocked for your account.

Remember that: Buying add-ons for Agency will automatically apply them to the slots under all the companies. Read more about running an agency account »

3. Removing Add-ons

If you wish to remove one of your active add-ons you can simply do so by clicking Remove add-on at the bottom of its page.

get-add-ons-marketplace image

4. FAQ

Q: Can I buy an add-on for only a part of my slots?

No, as once you’ll purchase one of our add-ons its content will be implemented to all your slots, and its price will be multiplied by the number of them which you have and added to your billing.

Q: Do I pay for it once or monthly?

The price of the add-on multiplied by the number of slots will be added to your monthly (or annually) billing. If you add your add-on in the middle of the billing cycle you’ll pay the prorated amount for it upfront. In case you decide to remove the add-on, the payment difference will be returned as a discount on the next payment.

1. Go to Settings Billing → Billing & Payment info.

2. Scroll down and Click ‘Pause or cancel‘.

delete-account image

3. Select ‘Delete account‘.

You’ll be redirected to a page where we’ll ask you to specify the reason for deleting your account. Your feedback means a lot to us and helps us grow.

delete-account image

4. Select the reason for your cancellation and click DELETE ACCOUNT.

delete-account image

Alternatively, you can also send us a message, preferably to [email protected].

We will cancel any future payments and your account will remain active until your billing period is over. After that, we’ll delete your account.

Q: I cancelled my subscription but I changed my mind and would like to keep the account. What should I do?

Log in to your account and click the button ” I WANT TO KEEP IT“. You can also manage your subscription from your Billing page.

delete-account image

To change your login please contact our Customer Support Team, sending us:

  1. your login or ID of your Woodpecker account which you want to have replaced;
  2. the new email address you’d like to start using as your login.

We’ll get back to you once it’s done.

Changing password

  1. Log in to your Woodpecker account,
  2. Go to Settings → My profile.
  3. Navigate to the Change password section.
  4. Enter your current password you use to log in to Woodpecker.
  5. Type in the new password and repeat it in the field below.
  6. Save your changes.

Image with step-by-step instruction on how to change your password in Woodpecker

Resetting password
In case you forgot your password and would like to change it, you can use the option to reset it. To learn how to reset your password, click here.

1. Go to and click the link “Forgot password?”

resetting-password image

2. Enter your email address

Use the email address you selected when creating your Woodpecker account, or login email. You will receive an email with a reset password-link to complete this process.

resetting-password image

3. Click the link in your email

In case you can’t find the email in your Inbox, check SPAM or junk folder.

You’ll be redirected back to Woodpecker’s login page.

resetting-password image

4. Enter a new password and click “Reset password”

resetting-password image

5. Log in to your Woodpecker account

resetting-password image

6. Success! Let’s get back to creating campaigns.

Before sending your campaign though, visit our blog to read about 14 Deliverability Checks to Carry Out Before Sending Your Cold Email Campaign.

Are you experiencing any issues with resetting your password? Let us know at [email protected]


1. How to upgrade your account
2. How to downgrade your account
3. FAQ

How to upgrade your account

While creating your campaign in Woodpecker you might stumble across one of our tooltips informing you that you cannot use one of the more advanced features like, for example, A/B Tests.

upgrade-account image

In order to unlock additional features and upgrade your account please go to Marketplace Add-ons and click on the extra feature which you are interested in.

upgrade-account image

Note: displayed price might be different for you as it is based on the number of slots that you currently have. Take a look at Billing: FAQ » to understand it better.

After clicking on the chosen add-on you will see its description and underneath will be a price that will be added to your billing period.

upgrade-account image

Once you click on the green button you’ll be able to use newly purchased features right away. By adding any add-on in the middle of your billing cycle, you will pay a prorated amount for it right away, since all of our payments are pre-paid.

If you want to learn more about what our add-ons have to offer, please visit articles dedicated to each of them:

Adding more Slots

You can also upgrade your account by adding additional slots, which will allow you to run campaigns using more email accounts. Check out our guide on Adding and removing slots »

upgrade-account image

Note: if you’ve purchased any add-on, its features will be applied to all the slots under your account. The final price for the slot is the basic fee and costs of active add-ons.

How to downgrade your account

If you wish to lower your subscription price, please review your active add-ons as you might not need all of them to run a successful campaign in Woodpecker.

In case you would like to remove any of them, click on its icon in the Marketplace → Add-ons tab, and under its description, you will see the “Remove add-on” button.

upgrade-account image

If you remove the add-on in the middle of the billing cycle, the payment difference will be returned to you in the form of a discount for the next subscription period.

Removing slots

Another step to lower your subscription price would be to delete unnecessary slots from your account. You can do so by clicking on the red cross next to the slot space.

upgrade-account image

Note: you can only delete empty slots. In order to empty them, please deactivate some of your email accounts »


Q: Can I activate the add-on for only part of my slots?
No, once you purchase the add-on, its features will be applied for all the slots under your account.

Q: Can I switch emails connected to a slot?
Yes, if you no longer send emails with an email account you can deactivate it and connect another email address for the same slot. More on this topic in our article about Managing your Email Accounts »


1. How it works
2. Adding users to Team

3. Removing users from Team

How it works

A shared prospect database ensures that you can all keep track of all prospects collectively, which adds another layer of security that prevents the team members from accidentally contacting the same people twice, creating duplicates, or running overlapping campaigns.

You will also be able to set up and send campaigns to your colleagues, with their email addresses as the sender.

Adding additional users to your Woodpecker account is free of charge.

Adding users to Team

To add somebody to your Team, please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings COMPANY SETTINGS Team.

2. Click New user.

manage-team image

3. Type the name and email of the user you want to invite.

manage-team image

4. Check-mark the “admin” box if you want that person to have admin privileges:

Note: only users who are already Admins of a given Woodpecker account will be able to give admin privileges to other users.

5. Don’t forget to send the invitation email!

manage-team image

Users who are not Admins can invite other non-admin users to join their Woodpecker account. However, they will not be able to remove them.

Removing a user from Team

1. Go to Settings → COMPANY SETTINGS → Team.

2. Click on the user which you want to remove.

3. You will be redirected to a new page. Click the red X next to the name to remove this user from your Woodpecker account.

manage-team image

4. Confirm your action, click ” YES, I’M SURE”.

manage-team image

Note: Only Admins of a given Woodpecker Account can remove users.

They can either be filled with an email account or left empty. However, you’ll be charged for the total number of slots added to your account.

adding-removing-slots image

Remember that you can only add as many active email accounts to Woodpecker as many empty slots you have. Here you can learn more on how to manage your email accounts »

Adding slots

Once you’ve decided that you need more slots to connect additional email accounts simply go to the Settings → Marketplace → Slots section on the left panel:

adding-removing-slots image

There you’ll see your monthly (or annually) fee for one slot, how many of them are active and how many are in use (how many active email accounts you have).

adding-removing-slots image

Next to your slots list, you’ll find the Add slots button. Simply click on it to get additional ones.

adding-removing-slots image

After that, you’ll be to the next step where you can choose the number of slots you wish to add and the price of them.

adding-removing-slots image

Click Go to Summary where you’ll see two panels. On the left is the current number of slots and their overall price and on the right, you’ll see how those values will change.

adding-removing-slots image

If everything looks fine simply click Add X slots at the bottom and you’ll see the success page. From here you can go back to the Slots page or go straight to your email accounts where you can add new ones or activate already connected ones »

adding-removing-slots image

All our payments are pre-paid. This means that if you add a new slot in the middle of your billing cycle you will pay a prorated amount for the time remaining in the current billing cycle.

Removing slots

If you wish to remove slots that you do not use first you will need to make sure they are empty. You can do this by deactivating the email account currently connected to them. In this article, you can learn more on Managing your email accounts »

adding-removing-slots image

Once you have an empty slot you can remove it by simply clicking on the × next to it.

adding-removing-slots image

Your next payment will be reduced to make up for the paid time you’ll not have removed slots. The reduced amount will be proportional to the time left in your billing cycle without them.

Q: Can I bulk remove slots?

When it comes to removing slots, for now, it needs to be done one by one. There is no option to bulk select them for removal.