Payment details

The list of active Slots and Add-ons in your account, together with their current pricing, can be found in Settings → Billing → Summary.

You can access it by clicking “see details” in the Payment section, next to the date, and the estimated amount of your next payment.

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Slots and Add-ons

Slots are placeholders for connecting your email account, which you will use for sending your campaigns.

There are no different plans and the basic fee for one slot in Woodpecker is $39 per month, which includes:

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Add-ons are additional features that you can buy from our Marketplace. If you decide to buy one, its price will be multiplied by the number of slots that you currently have and this amount will be added to your periodic price for Woodpecker.

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Users are found in Settings → Company Settings → Team

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To add a new User, click the “New user” button. Read more »

Email Accounts are found in Settings → Email Accounts

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To add a new Email Account, click the green “Add Email Account” button. To remove an Email Account, click the trash bin icon on the right of that account.

All your invoices are accessible in Settings BillingPayment History.

Every invoice will also be emailed to the address that you provided in Billing Data (“Billing Email” field).

Please note that each invoice is bilingual which means that you’ll find the English Translation right next to the Polish words.

where-invoice image

Wondering why you’ve just received an invoice in a foreign language?

Are you about to ask us to re-send it?

Please have a look at it once again (there’s an example below.) Each time you buy our services or prolong your subscription we issue a bilingual invoice. That means that the document is both in Polish and English.

Please note that this is a legal requirement of our national tax system and we cannot change it.

invoice-not-english image

What is a mobile slot?

Mobile slots allow you to connect your mobile devices, on which you’ll be able to login to Woodpecker mobile app and make phone calls as well as manage your tasks and prospects.

mobile-slots image

In order to connect and actively use your mobile device, you need to have an empty mobile slot for it and, of course, a smartphone with an Android system.

Mobile slots can be purchased at the Marketplace → Slots tab. In the Mobile slots tab click on the Add slot.

mobile-slots image

One mobile slot costs $15 and will allow you to have one active mobile device.

Remember that to use mobile slots you’ll need to have an active Advanced Campaigns add-on.

If you don’t have an active Advanced Campaigns add-on and you purchase a mobile slot, the Advanced Campaigns will be automatically activated for you and the price of the add-on will be added to your billing cycle.

How to connect a mobile device to a mobile slot?

If you don’t have our mobile app downloaded to your mobile phone yet, you can do so by clicking on the ‘Add mobile device’ button. You’ll be redirected to the Google Store page from which you can download Woodpecker mobile app.

mobile-slots image

You can also download the app directly from your mobile phone. Here you can learn more about our Woodpecker mobile app and how to use it »

Once you download our app you can connect your mobile device to Woodpecker. Just log into it using credentials to your Woodpecker account.

mobile-slots image

After that, the slot will be automatically filled by your device.

mobile-slots image

How to use mobile slots?

Mobile slots are a great way to connect with your prospects through a phone call. While creating a call-task, simply choose a device on which you want to see them and with which you’ll be able to resolve them.

mobile-slots image

Later on, once the task is created in a campaign, you’ll be able to call the prospect directly from the device using our mobile app.

mobile-slots image

How to remove mobile slots?

If you want to remove your mobile slots firstly make sure that the slot you want to delete is empty.

In order to do that, go to Accounts → Mobile and deactivate the device you no longer need by clicking on the switch button.

mobile-slots image

After emptying your slot, go to Marketplace → Slots and click on the red cross next to the empty one.

mobile-slots image

Want to learn more about call-task? Check out our guide on them and learn how to use our Woodpecker mobile app here »


Slot is the main billing unit, as to have a Woodpecker account you need to have at least one. Email account needs to be connected to slots in Woodpecker to run campaigns.

Slots that you add during your billing cycle will be pre-paid and you’ll get a discount for the next cycle of the prorated amount. The same goes for removing slots.

Here you can learn how to add and remove slots »


Add-ons are features that are not included in the basic fee and you can buy them separately to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Fees for those will be multiplied by the number of slots you have.

Add-ons will be applied to all of your slots, so the final price for the account will consist of a fee for the base slot and a fee for all of the active add-ons multiplied by the number of slots you have.

Email Account

An email address (mailbox) connected to Woodpecker for sending your campaigns. Here you can find more information about managing your email accounts »

billing-glossary image

Remember, that in order to receive emails into your Woodpecker inbox and control your campaigns flow you need to have a certain email account turned on. If it is turned off, Woodpecker will not download incoming emails from this mailbox.

You can have as many active email accounts connected to Woodpecker, as many slots you currently have.


All Users in a single Woodpecker account. You can add or remove Users at any time in Settings → Company Settings → Team.


Separate login and in-app view for a person that you invite to co-manage your Woodpecker account. You can add as many users as you need without any additional fees. Here is an article which will help you with managing your team »

Woodpecker Agency

Woodpecker Agency is our feature which you can buy as an add-on. It provides a dashboard that allows easy management of campaigns for multiple client companies.

While having a Woodpecker Agency account, if you decide to buy an add-on, the additional cost added to your billing will be a price of an add-on multiplied by the number of slots within all your companies. Read more »


The chosen business entity that graciously provides the name for your account. It may (but doesn’t have to) be the name of your business. Your company’s full name only needs to appear in your billing data if it is billed for your account.

For Agencies, a Company is a “sub-account” that is created and managed by an Agency for its client. It is almost identical to a standard Woodpecker.

Billing cycle

One full month’s or year’s use of your account. It starts on the same day every month (e.g. March 5th – April 5th), or on the same day every year (for yearly subscriptions). Payment is collected on that day, which renews the subscription for your account.


Tab under the Billing section where you can find more detailed information about your next payment » with a breakdown of what your price is based on as well as the discounted amount (if applied) and taxes.

Confirming payment

By choosing a payment method and confirming your payment, you have your Woodpecker subscription activated. It will be renewed automatically until you decide to cancel it.


After Confirming payment for your account, the system collects the monthly/yearly fee, which has your subscription renewed for the following month/year. This happens automatically at the beginning of your Billing cycle.


The legal document with the details of your payment. You can access any of your invoices in Settings → Billing → Payment History section. If you added a Billing Email to your account, every invoice will also be sent to that email. Read more about invoices »

billing-glossary image


By canceling your subscription you have your account deactivated and deleted, by the end of your Billing Cycle. You can use your account until then; no further charges apply. All the data in your account is lost when it is deleted. Read more about deleting »


By pausing your subscription you can put your account on hold for a reduced fee ($10), with the start of the next Billing Cycle. No sending is possible, but the app keeps on tracking replies and updating the statistics in your campaigns. All your data is kept in your account, and you retain full access to it. Read more about pausing »

edit-billing-data-update-payment-method image

Update Payment Info

Step 1:

edit-billing-data-update-payment-method image

Step 2:

edit-billing-data-update-payment-method image

Change Billing period

There you will be able to change if you want to be charged annually or monthly. You can as well activate additional add-ons from this place.

edit-billing-data-update-payment-method image

In the next steps, you’ll be able to both change your Billing Data and Payment Method.

Edit Billing data

You can update your billing data at any time, and the changes will take effect with your next invoice.

For corrective invoices and any other billing-related inquiries, please contact [email protected]

edit-billing-data-update-payment-method image

An additional field will be shown for users located inside the European Union.

Note: you may have to click in the field for the additional options to appear.

EU VAT ID option 1

Select “I have EU VAT ID.” if your company has one, and input it in the field above.
The app will notify you if the ID is invalid – typos can happen, so just check it and try again.

EU VAT ID option 2

Select “I don’t have EU VAT ID. I am a registered business.” if you’re running a registered company that doesn’t (yet!) have an EU VAT ID.

EU VAT ID option 3

Select “I don’t have EU VAT ID. I am an individual.” if you don’t own (or do not represent) a registered business, or would simply like to be billed as an individual.

Dla użytkowników z Polski pojawi się następujące pole:
Users located in Poland will see the following field:

Uwaga: aby zobaczyć dodatkowe opcje, należy kliknąć puste pole “NIP”.
Note: click on the empty field “NIP” for the additional options to appear.

edit-billing-data-update-payment-method image

Wybierz opcję 1, jeśli chcesz otrzymywać faktury na firmę. Wpisz NIP firmy w polu powyżej.
Select option 1 to have your company billed for your account. Input your company’s NIP in the field above.

edit-billing-data-update-payment-method image

Wybierz opcję 2, jeśli chcesz otrzymywać faktury na osobę fizyczną.
Select option 2 in order to be billed as an individual.

What is paid for in my account? What are Slots?

Our pricing is based on Slots and Add-ons.

Slots are placeholders for connecting your email account, which you will use for sending your campaigns.

To have an active Woodpecker account you’ll need to pay for at least one slot.

Every additional one will increase your bill. You can have multiple slots active on your account.

Please remember that you’ll be charged for those to which email accounts are connected as well as those which are empty.

There are no different plans and the basic fee for one slot in Woodpecker is $39 per month, which includes:

Add-ons are additional features that you can buy from our Marketplace. If you decide to buy one, its price will be multiplied by the number of slots that you currently have and this amount will be added to your periodic price for Woodpecker.

Remember, that you’re buying add-ons for all of your slots. If you’re an Agency user, you can only buy add-ons from your main account and they will be applied to all the slots under your Agency’s one and its companies.

Do I pay for email accounts or slots?

Your payments will be based on the number of slots and add-ons on your account. You can have as many active email accounts to Woodpecker as many slots you have. If you want to use them for sending, remember to turn them on and connect them to slots.

Every slot equals one email address. You can have empty slots, however, you can not have more active email addresses than slots.

Woodpecker will only download incoming messages for active email addresses, which are currently connected to slots.

How is my billing calculated?

Your payment will be based on the number of Slots you have and the number of Add-ons which you bought from Marketplace.

The payment remains the same every billing cycle if you make no changes to your account (i.e. add or remove Slots or Add-ons).

Is this pre-paid or post-paid?

Every payment is prepaid, which means that if you add a new slot in the middle of your billing cycle you will pay a prorated amount for the time remaining in the current billing cycle for it.

If you delete add-ons or slots there will be a next payment reduction, since you’ve already pre-paid for them. In this situation, your next payment will be reduced to make up for the paid time you’ll not use them. The reduced amount will be proportional to the time left in your billing cycle without these slots or add-ons.

After cost equalization, you’ll have a constant, monthly price set up. Discounts can not proceed into refunds.

Where can I find the details of my next payment?

Just navigate to Settings → Billing → Summary, and click see details, right next to the date and estimated amount of your next payment. You will find all the features in your account with their pricing listed there.

See this article to learn what’s what.

Where will I find my invoice?

We issue invoices as the legal documents confirming your payments. These will be available in your Woodpecker account ( Settings → Billing Payment history) within 7 days after payment and will be sent to your billing email (if you set it).

billing-faq image

For more information on your invoices, see this article »

To learn how to edit your billing data, and change your billing email, see this article »

To deal with corrective invoices, please contact support »

How do I remove Slots?

Before removing a slot you need to empty it, which means deactivating the email address which is currently connected to this slot. You can only delete empty slots. Managing your email account »

billing-faq image

If you remove a slot in the middle of your billing cycle your next payment will be reduced by the prorated amount left till the next cycle. Woodpecker premium account comes with at least one active slot which can not be removed.

If you’re planning on taking a break from cold emailing, remember that you can pause your account » for the time you’re not planning to run your campaigns in order to keep all your data and access to your account. This option will lower your payment to $10 per month for the whole account.

However, in case you wish to stop using Woodpecker and have your subscription canceled, see Deleting the account »

Can I pause my account for time being?

Yes, in order to keep your profile and all data for later use, you can have your account paused.

How to pause account: Go to your Billing → Billing & payment info → scroll down for ‘DELETE ACCOUNT‘ → click ‘Pause or cancel‘ → click Pause account $10/mo

billing-faq image

Alternatively, contact support specifying your Woodpecker login.

Details: While your account is paused, sending emails and creating new campaigns is disabled, but you retain full access to all your data: you can review and tag messages in Inbox, update your prospect base and download any entries to a CSV file, as well as review any of your campaigns, and related statistics. These will also update with any new replies from your prospects during the pause.

What remains functional Where What is disabled
reviewing and tagging emails Inbox sending emails
reviewing statistics, editing emails, editing and downloading prospects Campaigns creating new campaigns
editing and removing prospects, downloading entries to a CSV file Prospects adding new prospects
editing profile and billing data, modifying signatures Settings adding or removing Users or Email Accounts

Pricing: When your account is paused, the monthly fee is reduced to $10 per account (regardless of the number of slots or add-ons you have).

How do I remove add-ons?

To remove any add-on, please go to its page and click Remove this add-on at the bottom of its description.

billing-faq image

If you remove an add-on in the middle of your billing cycle your next payment will be reduced by the prorated amount left till the next cycle.

What is a Marketplace?

Marketplace is a place in the app where you can manage your purchasing process. You can manage all your slots, add-ons, and integrations there. Go there any time you want to add or remove slots or turn add-ons on or off.

Feel free to check out available integrations under Marketplace and if you decide to connect Woodpecker with another tool, go to the Add-ons tab and purchase API Key to do so.

If anything is still unclear feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]