How to use the Woodpecker Chrome Extension

Our Plugin for Chrome will let you keep track of your replies and see which messages have been opened by your prospects.

How it works

1. Download the Plugin from the Chrome Web Store by clicking here. Install it.

Image showing arrow poiting to

2. Once the installation is done, you’ll see the Plugin on your Gmail account.

Log in page for the API Key from Woodpecker

API Key is a part of an API Key and Integrations add-on, click here to learn how to get it on Marketplace »

3. Next, Generate the API key and insert it into the field “Type in API key…” (1.)

Image with highlighted filed for API Key and instruction on how to get the API Key in Woodpecker

4. Log in.

Image of empty state in Woodpecker Chrome Extension

5. Once you’ve connected the Plugin, it will start fetching your new replies and opens from the running campaigns.

Give Woodpecker some time to collect the opens and replies.

Image of activities from the Woodpecker shown in the Chrome Extension

Seeing this status? Most probably you’ve lost the Internet connection.

Image of error massages that can appear in the Woodpecker Chrome Extension

6. When you open a new reply from your prospect, you’ll see a notification. There you’ll find information about:

  • the name of the campaign your prospect replied to,
  • the status of that campaign,
  • how many messages you’ve sent to that prospect,
  • how many times your prospect has opened your emails,
  • how many replies you’ve received.

Screen showing notification in Gmail from the Woodpecker Chrome Extension

7. Now you can mark your prospect’s interest level in your mailbox. Click one of the 3 smiles to mark your prospect as:

  • interested
  • maybe later
  • not interested

Tip: Not sure how the Interest level works? Have a look at our article How to use interest level?

Screen with highlighted Intrest Level options


Q: I logged in and I can’t see any previous replies nor opened messages. Why?
A: The plugin won’t fetch any replies which you had already received. You’ll see only the ones which will land in your inbox after installing and connecting the Plugin.

Q: I can see new replies in my inbox but the Plugin does not show them and/or it takes some time for messages to appear.
A: Do you remember our 20-minute rule? The same applies to our Plugin. It may take a while until Woodpecker recognizes your replies. Give Woodpecker some time to collect the opens and replies.

Q: Can’t see any notifications in the plugin?
A: Make sure you’re using the right Gmail account. The plugin will show you notifications only on the Gmail account connected to Woodpecker and used as a “Send from” address in your campaigns.

Q: Can I install the Woodpecker Plugin in other browsers, e.g. Safari/Mozilla/Opera….?
A: No, our Plugin is available only on Chrome.

Q. Why I cannot find your plugin in other stores?
A: Our Plugin is available only on the Chrome Web Store. Please install the Chrome browser to be able to use our new feature.

Q: I followed your instructions but Gmail shows me the Plugin as if I didn’t log in before.
A: That’s probably because you’ve switched your Gmail accounts. You’re able to see your replies/opens only when logged in to the Gmail account connected to your Woodpecker account which you use to send your campaigns.

Q: Can I hide the Plugin tab?
A: Yes, you can! Just click on the Woodpecker icon which you’ll find either above the plugin or on the right-hand side of it.

Q: After I clicked on the notification, it still remains in bold.
A: Yes, indeed! We’re working on changing it.

A: How can I see which notification I’ve already clicked on?
Q: We’re working on it.

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