How to use Call-Tasks?

Call-Tasks are our new kind of Manual Tasks which you can use to create a multichannel sequence within your campaign.

How to add call-task to campaign?

While creating your campaign, simply choose a Call option for your step in order to use our call-tasks.

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Call-Tasks are a part of an Advanced Campaigns add-on. Click here to learn more about it » and here to know how to get it on Marketplace »

If you provide us with your prospects’ phone number through {{PHONE}} custom field, we will create a task that will remind you of making phone calls to your potential customers.

The task name is set to ‘Make a call to: {{PHONE}}’. However, you can add additional information about your prospects or the conversation you want to have with them in the task details section.

Task name, setting up a date and choosing device

From there you can also set the number of days which you give yourself to resolve this task.

There is also an option to choose the device you want to use to resolve your call tasks. You’ll see it in your Woodpecker mobile app, from which you can directly call your prospects.

Choosing the device to call from

You can choose multiple devices for one task and call-tasks will be visible on all of them.

Read more about our Woodpecker mobile app here »

How to resolve Call-Task?

Call Tasks can be resolved in two ways: first one is through the web application in which you simply mark it as Done manually.

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The second option is by logging into your Woodpecker mobile app and by actually making a phone call to your prospect for who the task was created. After that, you can change the task status in the app.

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If they answer your call and the conversation will last for at least 20 seconds, Woodpecker will change the status of your prospects to Responded and they will not progress further into your campaign.

Keep in mind that the Woodpecker app cannot tell if it were your prospects who answered their phone or if it was their voicemail. In both cases, the status will change to ‘Responded’.

However, if it was a voicemail, you can simply change their status back to Active from the mobile app.

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Remember that unresolved tasks will stop your prospects from moving forward in the campaign sequence. What happens if I forget to do my task? »

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