How to set up the delay between follow-ups?

For each of the follow-ups, set the number of hours or days to wait before sending. This relates to the time the previous email was sent.

Setting up the delay for your follow-ups

1. After adding a new email, click the clock icon to open follow-up settings.

Follow-up time set to 3 days

2. Decide on how many hours or days after the previous email Woodpecker should wait before sending a follow-up. By default, Woodpecker always adds 3 more days (after the first Step) unless a prospect replies. For the next steps, the number of days is successively 6, 12, and 18 until the last Step (the 12th).

Setting a date for follow-up

Your follow-ups will be sent according to your settings unless your prospect replies to your campaign or opts out.

Sending during weekends

The timing of sending follow-ups depends on the settings of the delay itself as well as the days available in the sending windows.

When you set the delay to 3 days, Woodpecker first checks if 3 x 24 hours have passed since the dispatch of the previous email. After that, the system checks whether sending on a given day and time is allowed.

For example, with the settings as in the picture below – sending allowed on all days of the week – if the first email goes out on Thursday, the next email can be sent on Sunday.

set-up-delay-follow-up image

However, if the settings look as shown below (weekend excluded), and the first email will also be sent on Thursday, the follow-up can be sent on Monday at the earliest.

set-up-delay-follow-up image

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