What happens if a prospect sets an autoresponder?

Woodpecker recognizes most replies sent by autoresponders will change your prospect's status to Autoreplied.

Woodpecker recognizes most replies sent by autoresponders (it is still learning to understand “Out of office” in Chinese). When a message is marked as being an auto-response, your prospect’s status changes to Autoreplied.

You’ll find this prospect in the To Check tab in the category AUTOREPLY. You are given an option to set the date when the prospect should be contacted again.

How to set the date for a new email?

1. Open your campaign.

2. Click the tab To Check.

3. Navigate to the category AUTOREPLY.

4. Click Resume on date…

prospect-autoresponder image

5. Select the day you want your follow-up to be sent. You can also type the date in.

prospect-autoresponder image

6. Your prospect’s status will be changed to ACTIVE and the date of the next follow-up will be shown in the details.

prospect-autoresponder image

Tip: You can choose the date of the next contact for that prospect also in Inbox.

prospect-autoresponder image

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