What are mobile slots?

Mobile slots allow you to connect a mobile device to Woodpecker in order to manage your prospects and call-tasks the Woodpecker mobile app.

What is a mobile slot?

Mobile slots allow you to connect your mobile devices, on which you’ll be able to login to Woodpecker mobile app and make phone calls as well as manage your tasks and prospects.

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In order to connect and actively use your mobile device, you need to have an empty mobile slot for it and, of course, a smartphone with an Android system.

Mobile slots can be purchased at the Marketplace → Slots tab. In the Mobile slots tab click on the Add slot.

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One mobile slot costs $15 and will allow you to have one active mobile device.

Remember that to use mobile slots you’ll need to have an active Advanced Campaigns add-on.

If you don’t have an active Advanced Campaigns add-on and you purchase a mobile slot, the Advanced Campaigns will be automatically activated for you and the price of the add-on will be added to your billing cycle.

How to connect a mobile device to a mobile slot?

If you don’t have our mobile app downloaded to your mobile phone yet, you can do so by clicking on the ‘Add mobile device’ button. You’ll be redirected to the Google Store page from which you can download Woodpecker mobile app.

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You can also download the app directly from your mobile phone. Here you can learn more about our Woodpecker mobile app and how to use it »

Once you download our app you can connect your mobile device to Woodpecker. Just log into it using credentials to your Woodpecker account.

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After that, the slot will be automatically filled by your device.

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How to use mobile slots?

Mobile slots are a great way to connect with your prospects through a phone call. While creating a call-task, simply choose a device on which you want to see them and with which you’ll be able to resolve them.

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Later on, once the task is created in a campaign, you’ll be able to call the prospect directly from the device using our mobile app.

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How to remove mobile slots?

If you want to remove your mobile slots firstly make sure that the slot you want to delete is empty.

In order to do that, go to Accounts → Mobile and deactivate the device you no longer need by clicking on the switch button.

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After emptying your slot, go to Marketplace → Slots and click on the red cross next to the empty one.

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Want to learn more about call-task? Check out our guide on them and learn how to use our Woodpecker mobile app here »

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