Exporting interest level

Using interest level helps you check your prospects' engagement level. Read on to learn how to export this data.

Exporting interest level

Filtering prospects

Use existing filters to narrow down your search. Filter your prospects by Status, Campaign, Contacted, Imported or Tags.

Selecting more prospects

Use Show rows option to display more prospects per page. You can also navigate to another page clicking the icons <>.

  1. Open your campaign.
  2. Go to ‘PROSPECTS’ tab.
  3. Click SENT to see all the prospects.
  4. To narrow down your search, filter your prospects by Interested or simply export all the prospects.
  5. Checkmark contacts you want to export or click ‘Select all… prospects’ to mark all the contacts.
  6. Click ‘Actions’ tab.
  7. Choose to ‘Export as .csv’.

export-interest-level image

Here’s how the interest level looks like in your exported file:

export-interest-level image

If you’re not sure how to use interest level, click here.

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