How does detecting timezone work

For Woodpecker to detect your prospect's timezone, first, you need to fill in the column "Country".

For Woodpecker to detect your prospect’s timezone, first, you need to fill in the column “Country”. In case this information is missing, you’ll see the corresponding column in orange color and timezone detection won’t be possible.

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Learn how to schedule emails using your prospect’s timezone.

How to detect your prospects’ timezones?

  1. Open the main Prospects list.
  2. Select your prospects by check-marking them.
  3. Click the “Actions” tab.
  4. Choose “Detect timezone” from the drop-down menu.

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Q: I selected the timezone for my prospects but didn’t mean to. How can I undo it?

  1. Simply click the previously selected timezone,
  2. Select Unknown from the list. Done! Tip: You’ll always find this option at the top of the list!

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Q: What if my prospect lives in a country with multiple timezones?

In this case, please select the relevant timezone manually.

  1. Open the main Prospects list.
  2. Go to the column “TIMEZONE” by dragging the cursor to the right.
  3. Click Select timezone… and scroll through the list to choose the right timezone for your prospect.

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If you happen to know the state from which the prospect is, for example in the USA, you can add it in the “STATE” column. It can be either a full state name or a two-letter abbreviation. Woodpecker will detect the timezone correctly then.

Q: Will it work out the time zone if I just have the country code? For example GB or the US?

Yes, you can also include the country codes and the timezone will be detected as well, so if you wish you do not need to write the whole country name.

Q: Can I also use postal codes to detect timezone?

No, we do not detect timezones based on postal codes.

Q: I can’t find the ‘TIMEZONE’ column. What am I doing wrong?

Don’t worry! Most probably this column is not shown in the table.

  1. Click the three dots in the table’s top right corner to open the drop-down menu.
  2. Navigate to the second page by clicking the arrows.
  3. Check-mark “timezone” box.

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