What happens if I delete my email account?

Check what kind of data is connected to your email account and how deleting your mailbox from Woodpecker will influence your account.


How to delete the email account from Woodpecker



How to delete the email account from Woodpecker

If you want to delete your email account from Woodpecker go to Settings → Accounts → Email and click on the trash icon next to the address you want to remove.

Email accounts tab with an arrow pointing to trash icon next to the account

Remember, that if you no longer want to use a certain mailbox for sending, you can simply deactivate it using the switch button. This way, in case you’ll want to use it again, you’ll not have to connect it as Woodpecker will remember its configuration.

Gif showing deactivating an email account by switching the button next to the email address off

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If you delete the email account you’ll no longer have access to its inbox from Woodpecker. The mailbox will no longer be shown under the Inbox tab.

Add email account in Inbox

However, Woodpecker will keep the responses from your prospects when the messages were sent to them from deleted email address in the campaign.

You can access both emails sent by you, as well as your prospect’s replies within the Prospects tab of your campaign, by clicking on the arrow next to their email address.

Prospect in Prospects tab with an arrow pointing to the dropdown icon

Note: in case you’ll remove your mailbox and connect it again later, Woodpecker won’t sync historical responses from your prospects and they won’t appear in their last activity.


If you’ll remove your email account from Woodpecker, all of the running campaigns that used this account for sending will be stopped. You can resume them by selecting a new email address.

Stopped campaign

Since Woodpecker will save correspondence with your prospects it will also save their whole activity. So even if you’ll delete your email address from Woodpecker, your campaign stats will remain untouched and you can review them at any time.

Stopped campaign with statistics